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With this post I would like to submit an idea.

Adobe should consider changing it's license strategy.

Please take a look at Jetbrain's IntelliJ IDEA pricing model. IntelliJ is the most used Java development application worldwide. They have 2 versions:
- A free community edition (full working with limited functionality)
- A full edition

The full edition has 2 pricing models
- Personal use: 149 euro / year
- Business use: 499 euro / year

There is no difference in functionality between Personal use and Business use.

Changing the pricing strategy will allow home users to rent the Adobe software at an affordable price, which are currently not able to due to high prices.

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Posted 2 years ago

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The photography plan (photoshop + lightroom CC + lightroom classic) is 9,99/month so less than 149/year
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The pricing details mentioned in the above post is only as reference. Adobe should consider lowering it's prices for home users ...
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As Roelof says, the LR+PS pricing is $120/year @ $10/month, while the PS-only pricing is $21/month so that is Adobe's way of making Photography processing more affordable to photo hobbyists and poor-photographers and of course there is also Photoshop Elements.

I suspect Adobe deems all other products as professional use and only the more expensive pricing.

The problem Adobe has is dishonesty in more people than should claiming to be a home user for the less-expensive pricing.

Adobe has thought long and hard about how to price and licensing.

I wonder if you're unaware of the Photography Plan half-price situation, or are wanting other products besides PS+LR.

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Going back in time, tmmls, the pricing was lowered once already. When originally launched Lightroom was 20/month. The Creative Cloud Photography Program was released after in response to the market concerns and the price was lowered to 10/month and included Photoshop.  Information: https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/differences-photoshop-creative-cloud-photography.html
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Currently, the full Adobe experience (without Adobe stock) is almost 61 euro/month, which is fine for professional users. It would be nice if home/personal users could have the same benefits at a lower price. 700+ euro's / year is not something which is appealing to home users.... 
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> It would be nice if home/personal users could have the same benefits at a lower price. 700+ euro's / year is not something which is appealing to home users....>
Not that I don't agree with you that the price for the full suite is rather steep for a hobby/home user, but why does a hobby/home user need all that software? Photography has been a serious hobby since its invention, and video is getting there, but Adobe has amateur video covered with Premiere Elements—along with the hobby photographer getting in on the Photography Plan very cheaply, even if it is a plan meant as much for pros as hobbyists.

Premiere Pro and After Effects for video are extremely complex programs, suited to professional video cameras and broadcasters, and you're also asking for InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc. That to me no longer sounds like "hobby" or "home user." That sounds like someone who literally works an 8-12 hour day using the software — or they'd be looking around to see what's maybe a bit less powerful out there that they could afford for the limited use they expect to invest in it.