• Lightroom 6.3 is sluggish on my system and causes the entire system to freeze

    … for couple of years and have been happy with that. Updated to Lightroom 6.3 to get support for newer camera. But this Lighroom … is total crap. It is sluggish and slow and after developing few pictures it jams my PC. Today I had to reset using power … (2015-12-19)

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  • Lightroom 6.3 is very slow on my Windows 10 system

    Lightroom 6.3 is so slow it is unusable. My business depends on this tool. Win 10, this is a recent so called upgrade from 6.o which worked well-ish … (2015-11-23)

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  • Lightroom 6.3: all features running as slow as molasses

    … attempt at posting this.... Upgraded to 6.0 two weeks ago. Everything running slow as molasses: preview rendering … .1 didn't fix these issues. Wednesday, I upgraded to 6.3, and everything ran extremely well for about 36 hours. Now we're back to a snail … (2015-11-20)

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  • HDR Merge hangs Lightroom 6.3

    … upgraded to LR 6.3 I have successfully done merges using 3 or 4 photos (RAW NEF … files) I have tried to merge 7 RAW files but it is so slow and ultimately I have to intervene to stop it which then takes ages! Finally … my PC. Maybe 7 files is too much but hey whats up - this sucks. LR 6 is rapidly becoming my worst enemy since IO am not getting any benefit … (2015-12-23)

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  • Lightroom: LR4.3 Slow in Develop Mode on retina display Macbook

    … 4.3 beta is slower for me in the develop mode....adjustments on sliders are slow to change and the image is slow to take on the changes made. However the images do open up fast … (2012-11-10)

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  • LIGHTROOM 6.3 - freezing my system when launched on MacOS 10.11

    … LR since updating to 6.2 (and now 6.3), the computer freezes. It's not just LR that freezes, but the entire computer … , not to an artificial schedule? Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: Lightroom CC: Crashing constantly (Mac OS … (2015-11-21)

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  • nvidia error while cropping in Lightroom 6.3

    … : Faulting application name: lightroom.exe, version:, time stamp … 0x80000000000000 1458 Application dem_nb lightroom.exe 564260ef … OGLEnabled: true With graphics adapter acceleration turned off Lightroom works rather slow, so I'd like to keep it on. Also I tried to downgrade nvidia driver … (2015-11-23)

  • LightRoom 6.3 exporting slow, 1 photo at a time.

    … update, export became SLOW. I loved when LR 6 starts to export 3 photos at once, using the processor at maximum. Now, LR 6.3 back to export 1 photo at a time. Suddenly, the import screen for amateur does not seem a problem any more. How can I go back to the LR6.2 … (2015-11-19)

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  • Lightroom 6.3: Hang writing XMP

    … released LR CC 2015.3. Some problems appear to be fixed, e.g., constant freezing … files, I have to do Force Quit. Also program slow to communicate with PS, sometimes doesn't communicate … Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: Lightroom: CC 2015.2 … (2015-11-19)

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  • Lightroom 6: Crashing in Slideshow Module

    Lightroom 6 keeps crashing when in Slideshow module on a MacBook Pro with latest OS-X. I've tried on several occasions to report this to Adobe, but I get no response. I am not using GPU. Can anybody help to fix..? (2015-09-12)

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