• Photoshop CC 2015: Layer order reverses when creating a layer from a layer effect on a group

    In CC 15, when creating a layer from a layer effect applied to a group, the layer is created as in previous versions, but all the layers inside that group are moved out of group and their order is revered. Hilarious! (2015-07-01)

    Tags: layers, layer order, layer effects, layer effects bug, create layer effect

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    • i imagine it has something to do with all those linked layers... why are you linking everything? And how are you making a layer from a layer effect? (2015-07-01)
    • … versions. I just tested it too, by unlinking all those layers, and got the same result. But you did notice something new: that not all the previously linked layers are even still linked. Make a layer from a layer effect: Layer>Layer Style>Create … (2015-07-01)
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  • Photoshop: Action stops when trying to apply layer effect

    … created an action in Photoshop CS5 which should apply a layer effect (inner shadow) to a textlayer. But every time i run this action it stops at the point the layer effect should be applied and I have to select the shape (I hope, this is the correct description, as I only have the german version of Photoshop … (2011-10-20)

    Tags: action layer effect

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  • PHOTOSHOP CS6: Layer Effects on Type not Flattening Correctly

    Bevel and Emboss Layer Effects are not looking normal when layers are flattened. The highlight and shadows go away leaving them lifeless and flat looking. I also tried merging visible to no avail. Mac 10.9.4 3.4 GHz i7 16 Gb Ram Photoshop CS6 (2014-07-18)

    Tags: mac 10.9.4, 3.4 ghz i7, 16 gb ram, photoshop cs6, flattening, layer effects

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  • Photoshop: Close/hide Multiple Layer Effects in Photoshop's Layers Panel

    Id like to close the layer effects on multiple layers at once. Currently there seems to be no modifier keys to accomplish this. (2011-04-04)

    Tags: style, layer, panel, palette, implementedcs6, effects

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    • Alt/Opt clicking now expands or collapses the Layer Effect disclosure widget in Photoshop CS6. (2012-04-12)
    • … of a TOP LEVEL group (folder), then it will collapse ALL the groups and ALL the layer effects in the entire document. Doing the same thing to an expand divot for a top level group will have the opposite effect: all layer groups will be expanded, and all layer effects will be expanded. In practice … (2012-02-24)
  • Photoshop: Set light sources for layer effects on the canvas

    … improve the layer effects functions for people using Photoshop for texturing 3D models, this feature would be a small but very time and work saving help! -Ability to set the light … (2011-07-18)

    Tags: layer effects, texturing, light source, lamp

  • Premiere elements 12: layer effects and transitions break the player

    Premiere elements 12,when i adding layer effects and when I apply the default transition on video, i'm losing reading in the timeline.The player no longer works. I tried on two different computers and the problem is identical. It's a Bug ? (2014-01-29)

    Tags: layer effects

  • Photoshop: Ability to create layer from individual layer effect without affecting others

    … – but you cannot create layers from an individual effect, or selection of effects, once a layer has had more than one applied. Instead you have to create only the effects you want to convert … , then (after converting them) create those you wish to retain as effects; or duplicate the layer, create the effects you want to convert, convert them, then throw … (2014-12-15)

    Tags: layer effect, create layer, create layers

  • Photoshop: Why do some layer effects reappear even after deleting them and applying that change to a layer comp?

    … , I've noticed when I have a gradient layer effect applied and decide to delete it. Then, I apply that change to all the Layer Comps. Save the file. When I open the file back up, the gradient effect comes back. I've only found this with Gradients and nothing else. Is this something Adobe … (2015-02-18)

    Tags: layer compslayer effects

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  • Photoshop: Losing Layer Effects when flattening an image

    I am losing layer effects (specifically bevel and drop shadow) when I flatten an image. I'm using PS CC. How can I retain those effects when I save the final image as jpg? (2014-03-18)

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  • Photoshop: Mask individual layer effects

    I'd love the ability to add layer masks to individual layer effects. So the ability to mask a portion of a drop shadow or border. (2012-04-12)

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