• Photoshop CC 2015: Copy/Paste Layer style works incorrectly

    … . 1. I add Drop Shadow effect to one of the shapes. 2. I make Copy Layer Style action over it. 3. I Paste Layer Style to the rest of the shapes. The result: drop shadow effect is pasted to all layer, but with wrong parameters (shadow is with larger distance … (2015-07-17)

    Tags: copy, paste, layer, styles, drop shadow, effects

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    • … of same here, happening to me, just with stroke. Copying layer style that has 3px stroke, when I paste it to another layer, the stroke is there, but it's 1px … to 15px, copy it, paste the style to second layer, and voila, now it's 3px heavy. OSX 10 … (2015-07-20)
    • … and make a new document, A4, 300dpi, RGB. 3. Make a new layer 4. Make a rectangle (pixels not a shape) 5. Alt-drag duplicate it. 6. On the first layer, layer style: stroke 10px 7. Copy the style, paste it to the second layer. 8. The stroke weight is 42px 9. I closed the file … (2015-07-20)
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  • Photoshop CS6: Crash with Layer Style menu and Gradient Editor menu

    … interaction crashed Photoshop. It's happened to me before with various interactions within the Layer Style menu, and with the Gradient Editor menu. Repeatability … Options" 4. Perform a range of activities within the Layer Style panel, small chance of a crash … (2013-01-23)

    Tags: crash, layer style, gradient editor, unstable

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    • … afternoon while editing the color inside a Gradient effect, within a Layer Style. The steps i took: 1. Opened a document … size; 2. Double-clicked active Layer to activate the Layer Style panel; 3. within the Layer Style panel, select the tick fopr Gradient Overlay effect; 4. click … (2013-02-01)
  • Photoshop: Mask and layer style not a good mix + circle trouble :)

    … it with a color of your choose, click the layer to open layer styles. Put on a stroke layer style (select to put the stroke … panel. Make a gradient from black to white. Now theres a error caused by the stroke in the layer style. The mask looks "wrong". Like it can not make the masking … (2011-04-20)

    Tags: layer styles, stroke, mask, smart object

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    • Hello, if you right-click on your layer thumbnail, and select blending options, did you check layer mask hides effects? That should give you the behavior you seem to be looking for (having the layer mask affect the layer style) (2011-04-21)
  • Photoshop: On Paste Layer Style, resets Layer Fill value to 100%

    Create new Color Fill layer with mask Set layer Fill to 0% Copy Layer Style from another layer Paste Layer Style to new layer Inner glow Resets the layer Fill to 100% (2013-10-24)

    Tags: photoshop cc, layer style, layer effect

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    • Fill Opacity is party of the layer style. That's the way it has worked since Layer Styles were introduced. (2013-10-25)
  • PHOTOSHOP CC 2014: Layer Style Box Missing Color Picker?

    … version of Photoshop CC 2014 and anytime I open up the Layer Style box there isn't any color picker box to choose different colors. CRAZY! This doesn't sound right so what should I do, any ideas? I don't want to buy … (2015-03-24)

    Tags: photoshop cc 2014, layer style box, color box

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  • Photoshop: issues with Stroke blending in the Layer Styles

    styles in le Layer Styles panel there is a blending bug with Stroke: when the opacity is not 100% on the stroke, it affects the opacity of the underlying styles on the stroke region. Eg: put a Stroke … (2013-03-22)

    Tags: layer style

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  • Photoshop: Layer styles using advanced blending options don't work after restart/reload in CC 2014.1

    … run into a problem with Layer Styles in CC 2014.1.0 running on Mac Mavericks. I place … and click to save the new style. The style works great on new layers until I quit Photoshop. When I do, the style is still in the styles panel, but when I click to add it to the layer, it doesn't show up. If I save the style out of Photoshop before I quit, and load it back in after, it still doesn't work. Interestingly enough, however, if I take that saved style and load it into Photoshop CS5 … (2014-09-28)

    Tags: layer styles, blending options, advanced

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  • Elements 9: Why is the Layer Styles button missing from my Effects panel?

    … in PSE6, but now in 9 the Effects panel shows the icon for Layer Styles, but when I click on it, no drop down menu appears … of the Effects panel, right next to the icons. I have no such button! I want to add drop shadows--how the heck do I get the Layer Styles button to appear … (2012-10-27)

    Tags: layer style, effects panel, pse9, drop shadow

  • Photoshop CS6: Significant Group Layer Style Bug when Transparency Shapes Layer Option is unchecked

    … . I have a more detailed writeup, the PSD file, and example images of all the Layer Style formation failures and would be more than happy to forward that to the appropriate … . This could always be pilot error on my part yet this looks like a serious bug under these conditions. I have been able to make 80% of the Layer Styles fail. Workarounds for this issue are quite doable … (2012-12-03)

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    • … . Well here are some additional examples identical to the first post yet just changing the Layer Style. The one on the left is what is expected and the one on the right is what Photoshop delivers … Pattern Overlay: Here is Drop Shadow Layer Style with Layer Knocks out Shadow option: Still hoping … (2012-12-13)
    • … yet let me give one simple example (I will post the PSD as well). In the image below, I created a simple stroke Layer style two different ways. Both have the Transparency Shapes … by creating a Group and applying the Vector Mask and layer Style at the Group Level You would think they would come out the same yet they don't. This is just the tip of the iceberg … (2015-03-06)
  • Photoshop CS6: My layer styles affects the borders of my document instead of my path.

    … draw a path beginning on the background layer, I select the path, add a new layer, stroke the path, and then select a layer style. The layer style, in this case, Inner shadow, affects the borders … (2014-02-13)

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    • … apply to the layer that you apply them to -- and the layer style will follow the outline of the layer. If the layer style is showing … that they are applied to extends to the edges of the document. So your layer isn't just the stroke you applied to the path - it extends to cover the entire document … (2014-02-13)
    • I did..... the layer style always works on the path and has in the past. Bert Monroy does it all the time. I just wanted to know why mine stopped working. (2014-02-13)
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