• PHOTOSHOP - Smart/Live layer styles for vector objects

    Smart styles for vector objects that includes example: fill, opacity, stroke, shadow etc. Similar way as the character and paragraph styles are. (2015-06-18)

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    • I would like to be able to name layer styles and shape properties as a style group. I would want to attach those styles to multiple layers and If I edit style properties these changes would update automaticly to all aplied layers. (2015-06-19)
  • Photoshop: Linked/Shared/Global Masks, Adjustment Layers and Layer Styles

    … . Updating every single copy is tedious and error prone. Same thing goes for layer styles. I don't want to manually update every layer that shares the same layer style. Various aspects of this request are mentioned multiple times in this community, but I consider them all basically the same thing, which is why I'm repeating … (2016-03-27)

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  • Photoshop: Add the ability to clear individual layer styles

    … that I know I won't be using again as it makes for a cleaner file. I hate opening a PSD and seeing that 6 layer styles have been added to a layer and they've all been turned off except 1, as there is no way to delete … (2012-03-12)

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  • Why does changing light angle on one layer style affect another? (global light angle)

    … 12.0.4 x64. Two different simple pixel layers above each other. Changing angle and hight for the shading … to change accordingly. This happened never before. The layers are no smart objects. I uninstalled a cs6 beta that was expired and reset the cs5 preferences … (2012-06-02)

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  • Photoshop 20.0.04: Layer Styles for Embossed "Metal Look" not working correctly

    … CC 2019. I created a logo that uses emboss and a few other layer style styles to make a nice metal looking logo. I saved … and used the brush tool (with the same settings as the day before), and then selected the saved layer style, the brush stroke looks nothing like it did the day prior … (2019-04-18)

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  • Photoshop: Make Layer Style dialog into a non-modal panel

    Instead of having to double click a layer to bring up the effects window, it would be great if it were made into a panel. The UX would have to change to fit the new space but it's totally doable. (2011-04-05)

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  • Photoshop: Link layer styles with the layer

    … to lock the layerstyles orientation and size to the layer. When you rotate a layer in photoshop you have to manually rotate the shadows … in the layerstyles to lock the shadow to the layer like it's merged so you can scale and rotate them with the layer in one transform. 2 - Option … (2012-03-02)

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  • Photoshop: Merging layers ignores certain blending modes and layer styles! Saving too!!

    layer in the bottom, which is completely opaque and doesn't have any blending modes or anything. I have a layer (or more) or top, witch happen to have some blending modes and layer … ... The final result looks completely different. Merging ignored some of the layer styles and blending modes. The same thing sometimes happens when saving images … (2018-11-07)

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  • Photoshop: CS6 Layer style on group program errors (win 7 64bit)

    Photoshop CS6: applying a layer style (stroke and shadow) to the group layer will cause the program to get Program Errors when doing just about any operation e.g. Saving, Merging visible, or Flattening; flattening the group and applying the layer style works ok. Using Photoshop CS6 x64 on a Windows … (2012-05-12)

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  • Photoshop: Lag with layer styles

    … brothers, i have this issue when applying layer styles, my photoshop lags as hell.Please check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6S3xy6eMkg&feature=youtu … (2018-03-19)

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