• Elements 2019: Layer Style - Glow Outer - Not Working

    The "Outer Glow" Layer Style is not working in Photoshop Elements 2019. Program's Version is: 17.0 (20180830.m.125874) x64. (2019-01-08)

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    • … , there is a 'Blend Mode' Selector for an 'Outer Glow' Layer Style. 'Photoshop Elements' Program has limited Tools, many Functions are cut from it. For me it is very strange to see a Product with partially … (2019-01-12)
  • Photoshop CS6: Preferences & Layer Style menu names Visibility with Windows Classic theme

    … CS6 I found that color of names menu Preferences & Layer Style palletes is so bad visible, that it's really uncomfortable in work. Ok, may be Preferences window I use only one time to make adjustment....but Layer Style pallete I need to use very often.... I don't know what is this: bug?...real problem?...or some kind of raw of Photoshop CS6 … (2012-08-05)

    · Acknowledged · 6 replies
    • … nobody has this problem? Just tested it on notebook - situation is the same: blue bar of active Layer Style menu item with black font make the visual perception too bad. I have an assumption - when you buy your monitor in shop … (2012-08-06)
  • Photoshop: Layer Style Window can't be closed by pressing ESC or ENTER

    … double click on particular layer the Layer Style dialog opens. If I missclick somewhere outside this dialog (eventhough I can do nothing outside ) then I loose "cooperation with /focus on" dialog. So I can't close the window … (2018-11-14)

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  • PHOTOSHOP - Layer Style Gradients Preview Incorrectly When Using Gamma 1.0

    Gradients using transparency in a Layer Style are incorrectly gamma corrected. The gradient only appears to blend using Gamma 1.0 after the layer has been merged or flattened down onto another transparent layer. (2015-05-01)

    Tags: gradient, gamma, opacity, layer

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  • Opacity & transparency related layer styles lost on rasterize/flatten/merge down

    Opacity & transparency related layer styles lost on rasterize/flatten/merge down. This is an every day workflow issue for me and many others. Exporting and re-importing is the tedious workaround. (2014-11-08)

    · 1 reply
  • Photoshop CC 2015: Program error when creating layers from layer style

    … your request because of a program error.", when I attempt to "create layers" from an effect. I was able to do this a few times then the error began showing. I used MacOS first aid … (2015-12-17)

    Tags: photoshop, error, layers

    · 7 replies
  • Dysfunctional layer style and vector stroke interactions

    … Photoshop team members familiar with the technicalities of how layer styles are rendered will hopefully understand what's going on here. Rendering issues … setting. If set to outer or middle, vector stroke is drawn above all layer style effects except bevel. If set to inner, vector stroke … (2018-11-17)

    · 4 replies
  • Photoshop: Bug/Problem in Layer Styles on Group Layers

    … on a Mac OSX 10.6 I have situations when using Layer Styles on a Group Layer that the "Shape" for applying … on top (neither has any special settings). The top two Layers are a fully transparent Layer within a Group Layer set to Normal. In the Layer Styles for this Group … (2012-11-12)

    · Acknowledged · 3 replies
    • … who worked on group styles: "The "design" is that a group style's shape only includes the shape of the group layers themselves, not anything beyond the group. You can't have deep knockout and a group style." I can get the effect where the transparent layer knocks out to the Background … (2012-11-21)
  • Photoshop: Updating (and linking) colors and layer styles in a library

    I would like to be able to 'link' colors and layer styles stored in my collaboration library, so that any changes made to them, will also update all uses of it. Currently this behavior is limited to smart objects and linked files (2015-10-21)

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  • Photoshop: Smart object comps are different in parent and child documents - layers style is broken

    … smart object comps isn't visualy same in parent and child document. Parent document doesn't show layer effect style correctly if style is removed in second composition in child document. Sample file: http://sklad … (2016-03-31)

    · In progress · 6 replies · 2
    • Heureka. I found next strange thing. Comps setings is lost after saving and reopening file. If you remove style, update comp, save file, close file and reopen file... the removed layer style is back! (2016-04-01)
    • … bug here is that the deleted layer style should be deleted from all comps. Deleting a layer style should be treated the same as deleting … styles visible in one comp and not another is to turn off the layer style visibility. Then it will work correctly. I'll log a bug for Tim … (2016-12-21)
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