• Photoshop: Record layer styles in physical units

    … will use the current DPI resolution to add the correct number of pixels. However one can not record add a layer style 1/4" for the action recorder … size set the DPI to to scale the image to 8". So I would like be able to set Layer style setting in a relative pixel size like inches in addtion … (2011-10-15)

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    • … checking. // Function for scaling effects. Layer>Layer Style>Scale Effects... // Proportionally to an expected … ; } // Listener code for scaling effects. Layer>Layer Style>Scale Effects... var idscaleEffectsEvent = stringIDToTypeID( "scaleEffectsEvent" ); var desc35 = new ActionDescriptor(); var idScl = charIDToTypeID( "Scl … (2011-10-15)
    • If one records a layer style using 30px it always add 30PX effect so a 300DPI image it is 30/300 1/10" on a 100Dpi image it add 30/100 or 3/10" (2011-10-16)
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  • Photoshop CS6: Layer Comps not saving appearance after clearing layer style

    … comps that does not save the appearance of layers which have had their layer style cleared. Steps to recreate. 1. Create … on "Appearance" tracking, then update the layer comp. 4. Clear the layer style for the square, it should now be black again. 5 … (2013-03-15)

    Tags: layer comps, comps, bug

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  • Photoshop: Layer Styles attributes in "Properties" panel rather than dialog

    … , and it's attributes would then appear in the Properties panel as well. So the main point here is making Layer Style effects something that the user can dynamically select … adopt the great UI patterns that have been added to the application. With layer style effects being a key tool for many designers … (2012-07-27)

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  • Photoshop CS6: Rasterizing layer styles

    … this functionality has changed. Now when rasterizing layer styles, it combines the effect-layer and the layer to which it is applied into one single … . That's not very convenient. The only reason for wanting to rasterize layer styles is so you can make small adjustments to them. For example, make a drop shadow, rasterize it, and erase just a small … (2012-09-15)

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    • Sounds like you want Layer>Layer Style>Create Layers (2012-09-16)
  • PHOTOSHOP - Layer Styles Color Overlay - can't find the color picker

    … picker missing. If I double click a layer I get the layer styles ok. If I then select (check) Color Overlay I do not get the color picker which I think (but not positive for my version of PS) should be to the right of the Blend Mode drop down. If I select via the top menu Layer, Layer Style, Color overlay I do get the color picker … (2015-08-14)

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    • … 2015. In this internet video I think Photoshop 4 is in use to do the layer color overlay selection by double clicking … and the color picker appeared in the Layer Style window. Fast forward (10 min 30 seconds) into this internet video (better than screenshots … (2015-08-16)
    • … , the first one I posted. Which shows double clicking a layer brings up the Style page with color picker. Which is different from PS CC 2015 here.. " Just click on the color … (2015-08-16)
  • Photoshop: Ability to mask individual layer style elements such as Drop Shadow, Outer Glow, etc

    … to CS5.5 a month or so back) that I can't remember how this works. Here is my suggestion for a new Photoshop feature: why not allow layer masks on individual layer style elements such as Drop Shadow … (2011-11-04)

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  • Photoshop: CS5 crashes using layer style (Win7)

    … error code every time with every version of Photoshop on my computer when I use layer style and trying to apply it: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: Photoshop.exe Application … (2012-03-28)

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    • … my PS again, that sometimes helps. Last time with my reinstall I used Photoshop for like a month and now it came again, every time I tried edit Layer Style or Custom Shape tool, it crashes … (2012-03-28)
    • … . If I add any of new styles created by me it gets crashed every time I open Layer Style menu. Now I've removed the styles and it's working normal. No idea what it could be. I also get the error every time I am closing Photoshop: Problem signature … (2012-03-29)
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  • Photoshop CC 2018: Can’t Move and reposition texture In Layer Style

    Upgraded to the new Photoshop 2018 and can't seem to drag a layer style (texture, pattern fill) on a file created on previous version that let me do so. Any ideas? (2017-10-26)

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    • … for "Texture" under Bevel & Emboss. If there's another issue with appearances of Layer Styles changing between versions, could you post a file with the problematic layer style applied to a layer and tell me which version to open with where it was correct I can try and reproduce for our engineers … (2017-10-26)
  • Photoshop Elements: load layer styles, or at least be able to organize them

    layer styles (like 200). In PSE 5 I figured out a way to organize them in folders so I could find the type I needed when I needed it. It would be great … pointer for plugins option in the settings when necessary). I use PSE to scrapbook a lot as well, and lots of those layer styles were a staple until now. I know this would be invaluable to me and anyone else who uaes lots of things like premade … (2012-06-08)

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  • Layer Style weirdness: Satin displays over the top of Inner Glow, and Stroke nullifies other attributes

    … features of Layer Styles that seem like bugs to me, or at least poorly explained features. First off, the hierarchy of Satin and Inner Glow appears … that was unaffected by stroke). This behaviour is different to all the other layer style attributes, which will combine rather than nullify each other. The failure of Stroke … (2015-05-18)

    Tags: layer stylesstrokeinner glowsatininconsistencybugopacity

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