• Photoshop: Ability to apply Layers Styles/Effects on layer groups

    It would be fantastic to enable effects on grouped layers. (2011-04-05)

    Tags: effects, groups, layers, implementedcs6

    · Implemented · 15 replies · 19
    • … styles for folders. You double click a folder, and get the same layer style dialogue box that layers currently … of the entire folder's contents. Same with drop shadow, etc... Plus, when you combine the layer styles of the folder with the styles of the layers and nested … (2011-05-18)
  • PHOTOSHOP - 250 Pixel Limit on LAYER STYLES Drop Shadows, Glows etc. Should Be Higher

    Layer effects like drop shadows and glows are still limited to a maximum 250 pixels, this value needs to be much larger to better work with high resolution files. (2015-06-30)

    Tags: layer effects, pixel size, radius

    · 3 replies · 5
  • Photoshop: How can I reset the Effects List order on left side of the Layer Style Dialog Box?

    … the Effects List on the left-hand side of the Layer Effects Dialog Box. I've tried resetting my PS … (2013-02-14)

    Tags: layer style, interface, dialog_box

    · Answered · 2 replies
  • Photoshop: Remove unused layer styles

    Feature Request.... Option to remove unused Layer Styles. Control-click/Right-click the fx … and get... | Copy Layer Style | | Paste Layer Style | | Clear Unused Styles | (NEW) | Clear Layer Styles | I spend so much time manually … (2011-11-28)

    · 25 replies · 14
    • … Zorana, Interesting but the "clear layer styles" command removed all style attributes. What I would like to see is to remove non-visible … like it if when option-dragging to copy Layer Styles between layers, if ONLY the visible style attributes copied, not all attributes … (2012-05-03)
    • … bug in Photoshop if you want clear whole layer styles in text layer with scripting. The command "Clear … you can't remove one certain effect if there is multiple effects of same kind. It always removes first effect of same kind... so I need to set whole style … (2017-05-22)
  • Photoshop: Ability to scale layer styles when transforming a layer

    Would be good if there is an option to automatically scale layer styles when scaling the entire layer. (Not to be build in on ,but to have an option to turn in on/off) Thanks! (2012-02-04)

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    • You do have the option to scale the effects after you transform the layer by selecting Layer>Layer Style>Scale Effects... (2012-02-04)
    • … . Then if Custom is selected you could manually scale the FX with the field beside the dropdown which would either be greyed out or invisible otherwise. Anything would be an improvement over the current need to use Layer > Layer Style > Scale Effects … (2012-05-28)
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  • Photoshop CS6: Significant Group Layer Style Bug when Transparency Shapes Layer Option is unchecked

    … . I have a more detailed writeup, the PSD file, and example images of all the Layer Style formation failures and would be more than happy to forward that to the appropriate … . This could always be pilot error on my part yet this looks like a serious bug under these conditions. I have been able to make 80% of the Layer Styles fail. Workarounds for this issue are quite doable … (2012-12-03)

    · 4 replies
    • … . Well here are some additional examples identical to the first post yet just changing the Layer Style. The one on the left is what is expected and the one on the right is what Photoshop delivers … Pattern Overlay: Here is Drop Shadow Layer Style with Layer Knocks out Shadow option: Still hoping … (2012-12-13)
    • … yet let me give one simple example (I will post the PSD as well). In the image below, I created a simple stroke Layer style two different ways. Both have the Transparency Shapes … by creating a Group and applying the Vector Mask and layer Style at the Group Level You would think they would come out the same yet they don't. This is just the tip of the iceberg … (2015-03-06)
  • Photoshop: Why does changing the light direction of layer styles on one layer affects EVERY LAYER with the same effect?

    Dear Adobe Gripe #17357: Please fix the bug where changing the light direction of emboss (and other layer styles) on one layer effects EVERY LAYER with the same effect, ridiculous... (2011-11-11)

    · Answered · 5 replies
    • To set the default global light angle: with no documents open, go to Layer -> Layer Style -> Global Light and change to taste. To change it for each Layer Style -- use the "make default" button at the bottom of each style type. (2012-02-24)
  • Photoshop CS6: My layer styles affects the borders of my document instead of my path.

    … draw a path beginning on the background layer, I select the path, add a new layer, stroke the path, and then select a layer style. The layer style, in this case, Inner shadow, affects the borders … (2014-02-13)

    · 9 replies
    • … apply to the layer that you apply them to -- and the layer style will follow the outline of the layer. If the layer style is showing … that they are applied to extends to the edges of the document. So your layer isn't just the stroke you applied to the path - it extends to cover the entire document … (2014-02-13)
    • I did..... the layer style always works on the path and has in the past. Bert Monroy does it all the time. I just wanted to know why mine stopped working. (2014-02-13)
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  • Photoshop: Layer Style - Cutaway (custom Edge/borders)

    … to make a 'Cutaway' option. The Cutaway Layer Style would essentially cutaway at the object's border. Kind of like a stroke … box's goal is to make something look like it's cutout realistically, the Cutaway Layer Style would be to add soft edges, stylish edges … (2011-05-18)

    · 4 replies · 2
    • … faded edges from the layer style because it would be so fast, and save-able in the styles palette, plus it would be a bonus to be able to add custom edges … - the first image is a shape with a cutaway style and an inner shadow to make burnt edges from a layer style, so cool! The second … (2011-05-18)
  • Photoshop CS6: Layer Styles do not record vector options, such as Fill or Stroke

    This is a huge drawback in the new Photoshop vector layers. It is not possible to save the fill and stroke as a layer style. Fix this, please. (2012-09-03)

    · Not a problem · 5 replies
    • … look (red, textured, stroked and with an inner shadow). That look consists of all its layer style attributes AND its vector properties. It would even be conceivable … library. Calling the necessity to save A: a layer style, B: a fill gradient and C: a stroke gradient or D: a tool … (2012-09-05)
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