• Ability to define stop colour location in pixels < Gradient editor < Layer styles

    Hi, could you please add an extra settings of the gradient "stop colour" location: an ability to choose between % and pixels? Thank you (2012-03-23)

    Tags: layer styles, gradient overlay, stop colour location, photoshop, cs5

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  • Photoshop: Layer Shape, Contour and Mask as parts of the Layer Style Tool

    … masks, could also be partially introduced as parts of the Layer Style Tool and later also saved as styles. This means that we would have there a new area dedicated to the mask … creation and also any other similar activity, where we need the same shape (completed by other styles) again and again. Of course all suggested things would be non destructive, hence later removable if needed. Thanks, Michael (2011-06-12)

    Tags: layer, style, mask, icon, symbol

  • PHOTOSHOP - Ability to rename the styles of Layer Styles as photoshop is now capable of adding multiple Layer Styles!

    … multiple layer styles for a layer it is very irritating to remember which gradient (let consider one) is doing what... If there will be a feature to rename them it will be very helpful !! see the image I have different gradient one is sharp gradient … (2015-07-02)

    Tags: idea, layer style

  • Photoshop: Key commands for cycling through blend modes in layer styles.

    I use Shift + '+/-' all the time on regular layers, but once you apply a layer style, you need to set layer fill to 0 and use the blend mode of the layer style itself. You can't easily flip through these modes though. (2011-05-18)

    Tags: blending mode, layer style

  • Photoshop: “Collapse All Groups” should collapse group layer styles too

    Hey, Running “Collapse All Groups” from the layers panel currently collapses the layer styles summary for layers but not for groups. It would be nice if it collapsed the summary for groups too. After running “Collapse All Groups”: Thanks. (2015-04-11)

    Tags: layers, layer styles, groups

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  • Elements 9: Why is the Layer Styles button missing from my Effects panel?

    … in PSE6, but now in 9 the Effects panel shows the icon for Layer Styles, but when I click on it, no drop down menu appears … of the Effects panel, right next to the icons. I have no such button! I want to add drop shadows--how the heck do I get the Layer Styles button to appear … (2012-10-27)

    Tags: layer style, effects panel, pse9, drop shadow

  • Have a ton of layer styles and get a full screen, try this trick.

    … ton of pre-made layer styles from Envato Market and other freelance designers. However when I go to open the styles menu, it ends up covering the entire screen, and then only displaying styles 1-S. I can't even reach T-Z. I tried to get a response from an Adobe advisor, and he was clueless … (2015-10-19)

    Tags: layer styles, menu issues.

  • Photoshop: Active selected setting Indicator for Layer Styles/Brushes/Preferences menus.

    … noticed that many beginner users are confused with some of the dialogs, like the layer styles, brush, or preferences ones: They do not realize that the contents on the right side change with the current selection on the left column, as it is indeed not really … (2012-10-14)

    Tags: selection, brush dialog, layer styles dialog, preferences dialog

  • border-bottom: Make stroke layer style more CSS compatible

    Now that Photoshop has "Copy CSS" why not make layer styles truly CSS like. I would like to see stroke; top, right, bottom and left for instance. (2015-05-21)

    Tags: css, layer styles

  • Photoshop: Global Object (Layer) Styles

    … of us user interface designers quite a bunch. However it would be even better, if we also had object styles... similar to the ones in InDesign. I guess enhancing the already existing … (2012-03-27)

    Tags: photoshop, layer, object, panel

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    • Absolutely agree. Have a layer style on multiple layers, in groups and subgroups throughout a document, and it’s a huge pain to update the layers. Having the option in the Styles panel to “Redefine style” after making changes to a layer style would be fantastic … (2012-03-27)
    • … the apperance of, for instance, all buttons in the document, just by changing a layer style preset that's applied to all button-layers … Paragprah Styles, or Global Lighting in layer styles, but in regards to a complete layer styles setup. This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Photoshop: Global layer style setup … (2012-10-14)
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