• Photoshop: Keyboard shortcut to set Fill opacity for layer groups doesn't work

    It seems Groups’ Fill can not be set with the shortcuts that apply to regular Layers – namely shift-number. I work on Mac OS 10.6.8 (2012-08-24)

    Tags: photoshop cs6, layer group, fill, keyboard shortcut

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  • Photoshop: Hide extraneous layer group names in Move tool right click list

    … while using most tools), you right click over the canvas to bring up a list of the layers that contain an at least partially opaque pixel at the point the mouse … the extra group names from the list (i.e. only list the layers that have pixels under the mouse cursor) or color the groups … (2013-02-09)

    Tags: layer group, select layer, right click, move tool

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  • Photoshop: Cropping a Smart Layer causes Pixel Column Repeating

    When re-cropping a Smart Layer, saving and then seeing the updated smart layer on the master document, some pixel - column repeating occurs. I've been aware of this issue for years, but I never knew where to speak up about it until now. (2011-04-02)

    Tags: smart layers, cropping

    · Solved · 22 replies · 2
  • Photoshop: Grouping layers clipped in a clipping mask.

    … .com/photosh... ) but I was facing the opposite need yesterday: be able to group layers that are being clipped in a clipping mask. My goal was to mask … that are part of a clipping mask. (The add layer group icon is not greyed out, but dragging the layers to the group removes them from the clipping … (2014-02-04)

    Tags: clipping mask, group, layers

    · 16 replies · 25
  • Photoshop: Layer Labels/Tags for Similar Layers that Reside in Separate Groups

    … ability to add labels to layers with the ability to apply effects/styles/formatting/etc based on the labels (like a saved … utilizing it automatically update their formatting. I would expect to be able to apply layer styles to the tags / format preset … (2011-09-06)

    Tags: layers, groups, labels, effects, arbitrary, style library

    · Under consideration · 2 replies · 2
  • Photoshop CC Layer Comps don't do as much as I expected

    … - windows 7 - 8 bit files. Layer comps doesn't seem to work. Shows only last setting saved regardless how many other saved settings I cycle … (2014-05-04)

    Tags: layer comps, photoshop cc, problem

    · 4 replies
    • … PECourtejoie...thanks so much for your response. In the past, I used snapshots, but see that layer comps can be more powerful in circumstances..so am learning about this capability … itself to the 3 types of changes only....visibility of layer, position of layer, and style/blend mode. A little more restrictive … (2014-05-05)
  • Photoshop: Basic Paragraph style should be editable

    … " should be editable. Currently I cannot edit the options without creating a new paragraph style. I don't understand because, this function works perfectly in Illustrator and Indesign … (2015-07-09)

    Tags: basic paragraph, bug, paragraph style

    · 5 replies · 2
    • … last state. As a result in PS, unlike AI and ID, each type layer can have a totally different "starting point" for font face, style, point size, color, etc. As a result, in order for higher … (2015-07-28)
  • Photoshop: Why doesn't gradient overlay make the layer transparent?

    … effects behave as if gradient layers are always a solid fill, even when the gradient has transparent stops in it. Try this: create a rectangle … stop (it should fade from solid to transparent). Now, add a layer effect to the layer. The layer effect is applied to the entire rectangle … (2012-08-28)

    Tags: layer effect, transparency, gradient layer

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  • Giving "Classes" to layers to style everything in one place

    … classes ( like CSS classes ) to layers, so I can tag specific layers to a certain styling/set of effects which I can change on the fly … /pasting the effects to all, I appropriate them to one class which holds the styling, changing this would apply to all layers under that class. Very handy and desperately … (2012-09-27)

    Tags: css, classes, layers, photoshop

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  • Photoshop CS6: Context menu on layers too large

    … Photoshop CS6, the context menu (rightclick) on a layer has way more entries. Like the colors (no color, red to grey … (2013-03-07)

    Tags: layers, context menu

    · 3 replies · 3
    • … and thumbnail size needs to appear is on the "eyeball" cell for that layer. Similarly, if Adobe created a clearly-defined "effects … side of the layer row (instead of simply showing the fx logo there), then Adobe could move all the style-and-effects-related options to the fx cell's context menu. Any of these suggestions would help reduce the layer … (2015-11-05)
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