• Photoshop: Support Copy and Paste Layers

    … designer and have PSDs with over 300 layers, inside different folders. Sometimes I need to copy a layer, say a button, from one folder onto another. But between those there are 100 … I need to drop it into. It's very inconvenient. All I would like to have is the ability to copy and paste layers. So I would select layer, CMD+C, then select the folder I want to paste that into and hit CMD … (2011-04-05)

    Tags: copy, paste, layers, panel

    · Implemented · 23 replies · 33
  • Photoshop: Style Symbol functionality - update definition to update many

    … but when changed, their changes should affect the objects that have that applied style. Example: I have 3 buttons on my canvas, all with the same effects. I can change … (2011-04-05)

    Tags: style symbol, effect

    · 3 replies · 3
    • … click on the 1st layer's smart edit icon in the thumbnail and apply the new style to it. After saving this psb file (it's kindof invisible … and then select the other Layers and then the Paste Style or Alt/Opt drag the layer's fx symbol to copy … (2011-06-06)
  • Photoshop: Allow extraction of smart object layers

    … . Currently you can rasterize the smart object - or manually drag the layers from the smart object back into the document - but it would be great if I could just select … ? Then you can give the alert: This smart object has been scaled, would you like to extract the layers in their original size or in their scaled version? [Original … (2011-05-05)

    Tags: smart object, extract, layers

    · Planned · 39 replies · 40
  • Photoshop: Duplicate Font Styles Appearing

    … subscription and have discovered this problem with the font styles duplicating themselves in Photoshop. They are the same font style, but for some reason they appear multiple times. It gradually … the problem... Temporarily. It's nothing critical, but it is a tad annoying having to scroll through a huge list of duplicate font styles! Thanks :) -Christina (2012-07-02)

    Tags: duplicate, font, font styles, photoshop, adobe cloud, osx lion, cs6

    · Solved · 26 replies · 5
  • Export Fetures for layers with Photoshop Effects

    … PNG files without any effects. So you would have to raserize effects to single layers. But very often when you raster them, the look totally changes, because their looks were clacluated … . Like cropping. But it's actually just selecting the export region. Next would be to select the layers which are to be exported. And that image has to be divided into single PNGs … (2011-08-30)

    Tags: layer effects, export, effect baking, effect rendering, productivity

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  • Photoshop: Asset Styles Panel (assets of grouped layers each with unique styles)

    … could be saved into an 'assets' panel a bit like a layer style, so I can open a new document, load a particular client's asset library … . Instant button with each later correctly styled. This asset style would apply the correct style to each layer individually and also have 'states'. That way if the developer … (2012-03-22)

    Tags: asset panel style

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  • Photoshop: Ability to change the color of multiple shape-layers at once

    Feature Suggestion: I need a way to change the color of multiple shape-layers at once. How about you select multiple shape-layers and then drag and drop a color-swatch onto them? (2011-08-16)

    Tags: implementedcs6, shape layer, color, swatch, feature suggestion

    · Implemented · 6 replies · 6
  • Photoshop CS6: Layers palette is more difficult to scan in Photoshop CS6

    … need to be very well thought out and crafted. With Photoshop CS6, I don't think that is the case. I feel the layers palette was much easier to scan in CS5, because the icons … with CS6. My suggestion is to make the icons and the bounding borders of the layer thumbnail stand out better and use the same concept of the separating … (2012-03-30)

    Tags: icons, photoshop, cs6, layers

    · 22 replies · 13
  • Photoshop: Merge shape layers without rasterising

    It would be wonderful if I could CMD+E shape layers without having to rasterise them first. I end up having to select shapes from each layer and copy and paste into a new layer. (2011-04-05)

    Tags: copy, paste, shape layer, implementedcs6

    · Implemented · 5 replies · 2
  • Photoshop: Scale Effects on multiple layers at the same time

    … to simply command or shift-click multiple layers and choose Scale Effects and scale them all at one time. I'm aware … if desired. But That's not a great deal of help if I have a file containing 75 layers, 60 of which have effects applied, and I want to scale the effects … (2012-07-18)

    Tags: photoshop, effects, layers, multiple

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