• Photoshop: Ability to edit predefined/saved styles

    once you create a custom style, there's no way to edit it. It would be very useful if there was. (2011-04-05)

    Tags: custom style, edit

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    • What about having a right-click on a layer styles to update it with the currently selected layers style as a mean to do what Edward wants? (2011-04-05)
  • Photoshop: Layer Comps should capture Smart Filter states

    … image that I want blurred but only in one layer comp, currently that means i have to duplicate the layer to have one blurred with a smart filter and one without. It'd be better if they were tied to the layer comp like layer styles. Especially since they appear to be grouped … (2014-02-06)

    Tags: smart filters, layer comps

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  • Center a radial gradient between even pixels when applying a style to a layer with even dimensions

    With radial gradient overlays always coming out from a single pixel origin, getting one centered in an evenly-sized shape layer is impossible. So the gradient is always one pixel off-center. (2013-11-27)

    Tags: layer styles, radial gradient, off-center

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  • Photoshop - naming multiple layer effects individually

    What about an option to name multiple layer effects (in the layer effects panel) individually to better tell them apart? i.e. "Drop Shadow left" - "Drop Shadow right" (2015-08-23)

    Tags: photoshop ccps cc 2015multiple layer styles

  • Photoshop CC 14.2: Indents and Spacing, Paragraph Styles not working

    … Indents and Spacing" option in "Paragraph Styles" in photoshop doesn't work properly. It doesn't do anything. However you can force it to work if you change the Indents and Spacing … this forces it to work. I have double checked overrides / character styles and the problem is the some on my colleagues computer. We're both using the latest version of CC … (2014-02-07)

    Tags: indents and spacing, paragraph styles, creative cloud, cc, photoshop

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    • … . I've made up a 72dpi example where I've got 2 layers: Layer 1) has a new style applied to it. Layer 2) The second I've dragged … with a "+" behind it. Which is confusing. I'm not sure what this means. I want to apply the style to the layer, the same style that is selected. So I peruse the bottom options. These seem weird … (2015-02-03)
    • … (second icon in). You've now defined a Text Style which is based on your type layer, with the transformation calculated into the point … (*applause*). Now, simply re-apply that Text Style back onto your selected layer and the transformation (IFF proportional) is now gone. The + you're seeing … (2015-02-03)
  • Photoshop: Layer Comps Enhancements Ideas

    … the way to update specific Options of a Layer Comps (Visibility, Position and Style) like in the composer extension (http://www.jasonforal … Camera Position...). So that would be great to also support these Properties in the Layer Comps panel. - We could support more options, like Smart … (2014-03-22)

    Tags: layer comps, smart filter, update, enhancement, rethinking, layers order

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    • … All features in Photoshop). But with the advantages of Layer Comps (visibility, position, style and other Properties proposed here). With that, if we could associate that Powerful … and a different SoftProofing simulation. - So, on top of that, if we could attach a Choosen Layer Comp to each of these Views we'll have a notion of "Advanced Artboards … (2014-04-12)
  • PHOTOSHOP - Fit image.jsx with effects style scaling

    … timer here so hopefully can get some advice. Is there a way to include effect styles scaling in the fit image.jsx script? My current problem is when the script runs it doesn't scale layer styles like an "image resize" would do and the effects goes … (2016-01-07)

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    • You can add the flag to scale layer styles to the script. But layer style scaling has it's limits (because of the limits of styles) and won't always scale as expected. (2016-01-07)
  • Photoshop: Add ability to use Adjustment Layers dialogs instead of Adjustment Panel

    … CS5 for about 8 months now, but the (especially H&S and Curves) adjustment layers drive me nuts. Too much mousing around, not enough shortcuts, and the worst … that tiny target. Is there a way, to bring back the old functionality with less clutter(maybe as an option) for adjustment layers, and also a big "RETURN" button for adjustment … (2011-08-04)

    Tags: adjustment, panel, dialog, layer

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    • … script that will open the CS3 style modal dialog for the currently selected adjustment layer. If you put it in your Photoshop/Presets/Scripts folder, it will be in your Photoshop … (2011-08-08)
    • … ! You are right, I don't like additional panels, but this one lets you modify the existing adjustment layers in the CS3 style window as well. What it does not let you do, is create a layer clipping mask and change … (2011-08-12)
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  • Photoshop: Layer effects scripting - 10 bugs - AM code

    … to do script which will work correctly. Here is list of sh*ts you can't remove layer style/effect if app.doForcedProgress() dialog … " and "present=false" for all effects show/hide all effects doesn't works whole style visibility is disabled... there are three states of visibility icon … (2017-05-28)

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    • … and styles b) move single effect of style from current layer to new empty layer. So you removed single effect … c) repeat for another effect in style or another layer or you can remove new empty layer itself. Make sure that there is less than 10 multi-effects if you want move … (2017-05-30)
    • … found something what maybe is not messed up. I can create empty layer and move whole style or partial effect to new layer and then delete it. If empty layer already has style then whole styles are replaced with new. Single effects are replaced. Multi effect are added to existing and has limit … (2017-05-30)
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  • Photoshop: Please add the ability for Command-J to dupe layers and layer groups

    … . It’s a great feature, and one I use daily. For some strange reason, Command-J doesn’t do anything when there’s two layers or a layer group selected. Why? I realise there’s probably a decent … , even if it’s actually several different methods behind the scenes. Is now a good time to mention that the Layer menu already contains an item that does most of these things, but it doesn’t have a keyboard shortcut … (2011-03-30)

    Tags: dupe, copy, duplicate, group, layer, command-j, shortcut, implementedcs6

    · Implemented · 55 replies · 41
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