• Photoshop: Gradient Overlay don't align to layer automatically, clicking box does nothing.

    … , in effects menu, does not align gradient to layer. Gradient aligns itself to god knows what, and I spend 20 … (2012-01-12)

    Tags: gradients, align to layer

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    • … of Photoshop, or maybe a bad CPU - that should not be possible. The offset of your gradient was not zero, it was above the center of the layer. That happens when you drag the gradient upward. By default … preset from such a setting - the offset will be remembered. But each style preset, and layer style has it's own independent offset value … (2012-01-13)
    • Whatever it is doesn't travel with the document, but with that particular style. If I save and apply that style to another layer, it has the same problem. But if I create a new gradient overlay from scratch - it does not have the problem. (2012-01-13)
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  • [Photoshop CC 2015] Default styles aren't being saved

    I cannot make a style settings default. Look at the gif-screencast below: http://i.imgur.com/pfbnUh7.gif (2015-06-26)

    Tags: default, styles

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    • … to the document 3) apply a layer style to the text layer (such as Drop Shadow), but make it weird and click … applied which is also saved. If you create a fourth text layer with a style, it will have the new settings. What you're seeing is what happens when you apply … (2015-07-07)
    • … used, which was a conscious choice we made for workflow purposes (usually when you add the same style twice, to also want the same settings). Does that make sense?""" Yes, this makes sense … ) apply some crazy drop-shadow style to the text layer (DON'T make it default. Just apply) 4) quit … layer to the document 7) start applying a drop-shadow. what styles do you see at the beginning? I see the crazy style … (2015-07-08)
  • Photoshop: Clipping mask to a Layer group?

    … handy. I have no idea how the actuality of this function would work due to all the possible complexities of the contents within a layer group... but wow, i often think i'd love to clip some adjustment … (2011-04-09)

    Tags: implementedcs6, clipping, mask, layer, group, photoshop

    · Implemented · 48 replies · 8
    • … of the original file, without having to separately open the original 2) Ability to make layer style type adjustments (fx … would clip other clipping masks in the same group above it? (I think the same thing can be accomplished currently with layer/group masking but feel free to elaborate … (2011-05-27)
  • Photoshop: Externally Linked Smart Objects: Please consider a "References" tool to create links to layers or folder groups

    … over time which makes it extremely hard for our developers to find what they are looking for. A search-tool in the layers palette would be helpful as well but what would be at least as welcome is a "reference" tool where i can add URLs (to Jira … UI - final step - updated" and they simply go there in the layers panel by clicking a reference link. This way others can use my complex … (2011-04-28)

    Tags: reference, links, url, layers, folders, complex, collaboration, dear adobe, faq

    · Implemented · 86 replies · 37
  • Photoshop: Layer Comps that remember Layer Comps within Smart Objects

    … . So, Photoshop recently introduced the ability to change the state of a layer comp within a smart object in the Properties menu … , there would also now be a preference to 'Remember Smart Object Layer Comp' within the Layer Comp preferences of the main document in the same way that it can remember … (2015-02-15)

    Tags: layer comps, layers, preferences, smart objects, new feature

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    • … comp in the properties is genius! The one thing that is missing though is the ability for layer comps of the host psd file to also record … document. Make sure to give them different names. modify layer style for each layer comp. (2 different colors via layer style works well) save and close. go back to host document where the smart object resides. create 2 … (2016-01-13)
  • Photoshop: Want to change Layer Comps inside a Smart Objects

    … Web Designer and I would like to combine Smart Objects and Layer Comps in my daily workflow more effectively. I would like to select … I want to display on the Root Document where it is placed and also store that again in a Layer Comp of the Root Document. This could allow for example to store … (2012-03-22)

    Tags: smart object, layer comps, photoshop, webdesign

    · Implemented · 30 replies · 9
  • Photoshop: Ability to search for layers in the layer panel

    … for each state of the iOS app usually). It’d be great to be able to filter the layers palette. I realise the complications this might add: Should users be able to edit … in the search results? If so, how do you handle events like reordering layers? It might be easy to just drop back to the normal (non-search results … (2011-04-03)

    Tags: search, layers, find, filter, implementedcs6, dear adobe, faq

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  • Photoshop: Action stops when trying to apply layer effect

    … created an action in Photoshop CS5 which should apply a layer effect (inner shadow) to a textlayer. But every time i run this action it stops at the point the layer effect should be applied and I have to select the shape (I hope, this is the correct description, as I only have the german version of Photoshop … (2011-10-20)

    Tags: action layer effect

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    • … issue that happens when you change the contour setting on a layer style to something other than the default. For now, the workaround is to save a custom style, and then apply that style (via the Styles panel) when recording the action … (2011-10-20)
    • I was using Photoshop CC and encounter a similar issue: For actions having steps with custom layer style, some of those set layer style steps will always pop up dialog, even the show dialog switch is off. (2013-07-17)
  • Photoshop CC 2015: Layer order reverses when creating a layer from a layer effect on a group

    In CC 15, when creating a layer from a layer effect applied to a group, the layer is created as in previous versions, but all the layers inside that group are moved out of group and their order is revered. Hilarious! (2015-07-01)

    Tags: layers, layer order, layer effects, layer effects bug, create layer effect

    · Solved · 11 replies · 3
    • … it too, by unlinking all those layers, and got the same result. But you did notice something new: that not all the previously linked layers are even still linked. Make a layer from a layer effect: Layer>Layer Style>Create … (2015-07-01)
  • Photoshop: Layer Mould Feature

    … of feature would make it easier to copy a layer and also make it easier to have a gradient across a layer style. A feature like this would improve a Team … and format as the previous layer and have his work included in the same Layer with the style of the layer before thus making it quicker and easier for everyone to produce high … (2013-03-10)

    Tags: layer, mould, feature, colour, features, formatting, text, improve, team, workflow, copy, style

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