• "New style" is not working in Photoshop CC2014

    Whenever I try to create a new style - either by selecting a shape or layer OR by clicking on the "New Style" button in the FX dialog box, Photoshop CC creates a 4px stroke (2015-01-12)

    Tags: style, layer style

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    • … steps I've taken: 1. Open existing photoshop document that has a layer with a style (fx) that I want to use 2. Select … icon on the styles tool panel or from the layer style dialog box...(it has a 1px stroke) 4 … styles (tool panel) The new layer now has most elements of the new style and both it and the new layer style has 4 px stroke … (2015-01-12)
  • Photoshop: Why does the Drop shadow angle changes when a layer is duplicated to a new file?

    … question for Photoshop CS5: On a layer, I have a shape with a drop shadow (and other layer styles). The angle of the shadow is 90 degrees. When I duplicate the layer to a new file the angle of the drop shadow changes … (2012-08-22)

    Tags: layer styles, shadow

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    • layer to another file that has a different global angle. The current behavior is desired, and correct -- you just missed the part about each … that shadows and highlights will be consistent within that document). Because your style uses the global angle, and … (2012-08-30)
  • Photoshop Elements: REQ for drop shadows on separate layer

    … options to have the drop shadow created on a separate layer. This would allow using Displacement Mapping on the drop shadow … (2011-05-10)

    Tags: layer, style

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    • This feature is available in the professional version of Photoshop (Layer>Layer Style>Create Layer) but not in Photoshop Elements. This is just one of many examples of how Photoshop is a more fully featured application than Photoshop Elements. (2011-11-30)
  • Layers Are Being Distorted Upon Save And Reopen in CS6

    … whole areas in the middle. * Colors are changing. * Layer Styles are showing as active in the Layers panel but not showing applied on the image itself. I've had this happen 3 times on 2 different projects, but I'm not sure how to reproduce it yet. I'm using PS … (2012-07-10)

    Tags: cs6 layer style

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  • Photoshop: Allow to drag (and apply) styles from one layer to many selected layers

    … in one go. It would be helpful and very quick to can even apply a style to many layers at the same time, when the style is dragged or copied from a layer to this selection. The Shift key could help. Without Shift everything would work as usual, pressing Shift we would activate the ability to apply the dragged style to many selected layer. Thanks, Michael (2011-06-13)

    Tags: dragdrop, layer, style

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    • … but you can through context menus. Right/Control + Click on a layer to "Copy Style": Then select the layers you want to apply to and Right/Control + Click on one of the selected layers to "Paste Style … (2011-06-13)
    • … +Shift, then? as ALT is needed to copy the style, without it, you move the style to another layer. But I notice that when we have MLS (Multiple … (2012-02-03)
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  • Photoshop: Option-Command-Right Click to select a layer does not highlight it in the layers panel when the interface is hidden.

    … the interface using - and Option-Command-Right Click to select a layer, and consecutively show the interface again using I need to manually find my just-selected layer. I'd love for it to be there, selected and ready for me to work on (and do things like copy and paste layer styles, especially when using a wacom this is a bit … (2012-09-25)

    Tags: ui, workflow, layer styles, wacom, layers palette, shortcut

  • Photoshop: Multiple and reorder/sort effects/styles

    … fill and apply extra styles that way. It's inconvenient and messy, especially when trying to apply the same effect onto other layers. Also, it would be great if I were able to sort the effects. Meaning, I could put drop shadow above or below inner shadow … (2011-04-08)

    Tags: effects panel, sort, multiple, stacking, layer effects

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    • … imagine it'd open up quite a few code and UI challenges. Plus, there'd be lots of Layer Style orders that wouldn't make sense or look good... but I'd still like a way to have multiples. More powerful layer styles would mean using less layers and faster editing … (2011-04-10)
    • … great if layer style effects could be duplicated and rearranged. It would give everybody huge flexibility. Pleeeeease)) This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Photoshop: Ability to duplicate and rearrangement of effects in layer styles … (2012-02-03)
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  • Photoshop: Apply layer FX to multiple selected layers at once

    … FX to multiple selected layers at once. If I create a horizontal menu with each button label as a separate text … , I want to be able to select all text layers and apply the same Layer FX. Currently the layer FX option greys out when I select … (2011-06-22)

    Tags: layer fx, multiple, selected, at once, together

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    • … , you can apply an effect to a single layer, then Right/Control + Click on a layer to "Copy Style": Then select the layers … get a little dicey from a UI/usability angle when using the layer style dialog if you have multiple layers selected with different layer fx settings already applied to them. We wouldn't be able to display the current setting … (2011-06-22)
    • … on the UI/usability side but when you paste the layer styles, any current style is removed. I imagine this working in the same way i.e. you select multiple laters, apply one of more layer effects and that's what get applied to all selected layers, the same as doing … (2011-06-22)
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  • Photoshop CC: Ability to organize and reorder Paragraph / Character Styles in the Styles panel via drag & drop

    There is currently no way to drag and drop styles to move them around in the Character / Paragraph Styles pallette in Photoshop CC. It makes the management of styles difficult once you have more than a dozen or so in that pallette. Please correct this! (2013-07-29)

    Tags: styles, paragraph, character, list, pallette, drag, drop, move, reorder, problem, bug, error, issue, fault, photoshop, cc, photoshop cc

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