• Photoshop CC 2015: Copy/Paste Layer style works incorrectly

    … . 1. I add Drop Shadow effect to one of the shapes. 2. I make Copy Layer Style action over it. 3. I Paste Layer Style to the rest of the shapes. The result: drop shadow effect is pasted to all layer, but with wrong parameters (shadow is with larger distance … (2015-07-17)

    Tags: copy, paste, layer, styles, drop shadow, effects

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    • … of same here, happening to me, just with stroke. Copying layer style that has 3px stroke, when I paste it to another layer, the stroke is there, but it's 1px … to 15px, copy it, paste the style to second layer, and voila, now it's 3px heavy. OSX 10 … (2015-07-20)
    • … and make a new document, A4, 300dpi, RGB. 3. Make a new layer 4. Make a rectangle (pixels not a shape) 5. Alt-drag duplicate it. 6. On the first layer, layer style: stroke 10px 7. Copy the style, paste it to the second layer. 8. The stroke weight is 42px 9. I closed the file … (2015-07-20)
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  • Photoshop: Allow renaming of Layers in Layer Styles dialog

    When I double click the Layer name in order to rename it, I often miss the name which of course invokes the Layer Styles Dialog. This would be acceptable if I could actually rename the Layer in this dialog box. Closing and trying again can get tedious. (2011-04-24)

    Tags: rename, layer name, layer styles

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    • … not being part of the Blending Options tab, so it would always be at the top of the window, not matter which Layer Style is selected. I'd really, really like to see this in the next version of Photoshop. I think it could possibly go even further... Why bother with a separate Layer Properties and Blending Options … (2011-04-25)
    • … box so that you can also rename the layer in the layer style panel when you double click layer. Double clicking on the layer name, to rename the layer, a lot of times opens the layer style panel instead, if you don't click … (2012-10-18)
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  • Photoshop: Ability to cycle through Blend Modes in Layer Styles with arrow keys

    … . Small Detail, but very frustrating. If you want to change the Layer Style of a layer (Multiply, Darken, Color Dodge … effects, I would have to click 52 times! This seems ridiculous. The Layer Style drop down is the only drop down in Photoshop that know of that doesn't allow the user … (2012-03-22)

    Tags: layer styles, layers, effects, blending modes, blending

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    • You mean the layer blending modes in the layers panel or the blending modes in the Layer Style dialog itself? (2012-03-23)
    • Yes, I meant the layer blending modes in the layers panel, but the problem exists in the layer style dialog box as well. Thanks for that clarification. Is there a way to edit the post? (2012-03-23)
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  • Photoshop: new layer style: Noise

    … are useful, but require the creation of a smart object beforehand. I'd like to suggest new layer styles, of commonly used effects, that would help to automate time-consuming … patterns to put grain texture and noise into layers. But a layer style with the correct parameters, grain size, blur … (2011-05-28)

    Tags: layer style, layer effect, noise

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    • layer style as opposed to having to do it as a smart object. I just want to echo the need for multiple sliders for size, blur, intensity type … (2011-06-15)
  • Photoshop CS6: Crash with Layer Style menu and Gradient Editor menu

    … interaction crashed Photoshop. It's happened to me before with various interactions within the Layer Style menu, and with the Gradient Editor menu. Repeatability … Options" 4. Perform a range of activities within the Layer Style panel, small chance of a crash … (2013-01-23)

    Tags: crash, layer style, gradient editor, unstable

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    • … afternoon while editing the color inside a Gradient effect, within a Layer Style. The steps i took: 1. Opened a document … size; 2. Double-clicked active Layer to activate the Layer Style panel; 3. within the Layer Style panel, select the tick fopr Gradient Overlay effect; 4. click … (2013-02-01)
  • Photoshop: Mask and layer style not a good mix + circle trouble :)

    … it with a color of your choose, click the layer to open layer styles. Put on a stroke layer style (select to put the stroke … panel. Make a gradient from black to white. Now theres a error caused by the stroke in the layer style. The mask looks "wrong". Like it can not make the masking … (2011-04-20)

    Tags: layer styles, stroke, mask, smart object

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    • Hello, if you right-click on your layer thumbnail, and select blending options, did you check layer mask hides effects? That should give you the behavior you seem to be looking for (having the layer mask affect the layer style) (2011-04-21)
  • Photoshop: Add new stroke options to the layer style Stroke (dash, gaps, etc).

    … gaps, align and corners. And I love the ability to add layer styles to groups which makes it much easier to work with separate parts in a group that should be treated as one object. BUT! Why haven't you updated the stroke (layer style) options to include these new awesome stroke features … (2012-04-20)

    Tags: layer styles, stroke, photoshop, stroke gaps, dashed stroke

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    • … and the vector strokes are entirely different beasts. The layer style strokes are based on pixels -- and they can't do dashes, circles, etc. The vector strokes are based on vector shapes … (2012-04-20)
  • Photoshop: On Paste Layer Style, resets Layer Fill value to 100%

    Create new Color Fill layer with mask Set layer Fill to 0% Copy Layer Style from another layer Paste Layer Style to new layer Inner glow Resets the layer Fill to 100% (2013-10-24)

    Tags: photoshop cc, layer style, layer effect

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    • Fill Opacity is party of the layer style. That's the way it has worked since Layer Styles were introduced. (2013-10-25)
  • Photoshop: new layer style: Motion blur

    … are useful, but require the creation of a smart object beforehand. I'd like to suggest new layer styles, of commonly used effects, that would help to automate time-consuming … , or in a dedicated widget (I prefer the first one). I hope that other users will chime in with proposed refinements, or additional (useful and feasible) layer styles (2011-05-28)

    Tags: layer style, effects, motion blur

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  • Photoshop: New layer style: Cast Shadow

    … are useful, but require the creation of a smart object beforehand. I'd like to suggest new layer styles, of commonly used effects, that would help to automate time-consuming … . It would use most of the controls found on the proposed Mirror layer style (point of origin, distance, angle, blurring, fade … (2011-05-28)

    Tags: layer style, cast shadow

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    • I would love to see something like this integrated even if it wasn't a layer style, but a filter like the Alien Skin shadow maker plugin. (2011-07-27)
    • … steps, but well worth the effort. It would be great to see some sort of Realistic Shadow Tool or Realistic Shadow Layer Style in a future release of PS. This suggestion … (2018-10-25)
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