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Lightroom: Edit Capture Time issue - Need a way to set all photos selected to same date & time
Edit Capture Time issue - When I select a number of photos and use "Adjust to a specified date and time", rather than all having the spec...
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Lightroom ignores partial dates imported from Elements
I am trying to migrate from Photoshop Elements 12 to Lightroom 5.5. I have many scanned images in JPEG and TIFF formats. I have used PSE ...
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Lightroom: Batch changes to date/time
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom 4: More Flexible Capture Time Adjustments.The lightroom 4 capture ...
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Lightroom 4: More Flexible Capture Time Adjustments
The lightroom 4 capture adjustment options available are great if you have an actual camera capture time as all photos (though maybe not ...
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