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Photoshop: Ability to toggle Pen Pressure & Shape dynamics / Size jitter via a keyboard shortcut
Hi, Is it possible to make a script that you can toggle Pen pressure on / off by just one keystroke, for example "tab/tabulator" key?...
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Photoshop: Ability to apply masks to individual Smart Filters
If this hasn't been asked for already I am flummoxed!! At present the only way of applying filters with different masks to a smart obj...
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Masks for stacked smart filters
For smart filters if you stack them you only get a single mask. I want each smart filter in the stack to have its own mask. That would be...
  • troyhome, 4 years ago

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Bridge: Mouse scrolling problem on second display in Bridge CC Win
In Bridge CC when my second monitor is set to be to the left side or above the primary monitor in the Windows display settings on Windows...
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