Photo of BenD
Lightroom: Multi-User / Multi Computer (Shared catalog on a network)
I'd love to make LR more multi-computer friendly. I have no doubt that there's probably database architecture issues and a host of other...
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Photo of Joop Snijder
Lightroom Classic: Better keyword management
How about some better support for keyword management. It's very basic now. I would like to do the following tasks:- Delete multiple keywo...
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Photo of Photographe
Lightroom/Camera Raw: Display camera focus information
Nikon cameras stores the focus point that was in focus and the exposure was taken. This would be extremely valuable to see for a sports/...
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Photo of Sean Phillips
Lightroom: Add "Is Empty" and "Isn't Empty" to all attribute filters and Smart Collection filters
Lightroom desperately needs additional filtering (and smart filtering) capabilities. Specifically I want to be able to find all images fo...
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Photo of KellyS
Lightroom: Ability to move Adjustment Brush Pins
One problem I have when not using a tripod is that the place where I have used an adjustment brush has moved a little bit in each success...
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Photo of Mark Sirota
Lightroom: New virtual copies should inherit develop history
When a virtual copy is created, the initial develop history includes only a "Create Virtual Copy" history step with a timestamp. I'd l...
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Photo of Ulrich von Agris
Lightroom: Ability to geotag photos
I would love the ability to geotag photos within lightroom directly using standard files -> KML or GPX. Please provide also the possibilt...
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Photo of ManuelL
Lightroom: Please add face recognition to Lightroom (ability to specify region metadata)
Do you plan to implement a face recognition defined by keywords in Lightroom someday ?
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Photo of Thorfinn Tait
Lightroom: Catalogs within Catalogs (or Master Catalogs)
A simple idea to solve the problem of fractured catalogs. Having multiple catalogs helps system performance and is often very desirable....
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Photo of Rob Cole
Lightroom/Camera Raw: Make All Adjustments Local
I'd like all adjustments to be available locally (i.e. maskable, and ability to apply with different settings). (This hasn't been expl...
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Photo of Lee Jay
Lightroom: Better Library Module performance
The Library module in Lightroom doesn't perform all that well in several ways. I used to think this was because of my ancient hardware, ...
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Photo of jan
Lightroom: Moving multiple folders
Is there a workaround that will allow you to move many folders together into a new single folder inside Lightroom. For example, you may w...
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Photo of j k
Lightroom: There is no way to un-mark photos for republishing in Publish Services.
Lightroom 3.4 There is no way to un-mark photos for republishing. I do not want to re-publish every photo I modify after publishing it, b...
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