Photo of Martin Dörsch
Lightroom CC: Ability to create virtual copies
For better editing and comparison I think a "create a virtual copy" option would be very nice.
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Photo of Jeff Lopez Photography
Lightroom mobile: Are the professionals being ignored?
I'm starting to think that the developers of Lightroom for mobile are forgetting about the the professional photographer and instead focu...
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Photo of Denny Riffert
Lightroom mobile: Ability to sync adjustments to multiple photos at once
I think LRM is great and use it to cull and edit all of my photos. As I import into LR (desktop) from my memory card, I add the photos to...
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Photo of Yukiki Yeung
Lightroom mobile: Ability to export more than 15 photos at a time
Here is our conversation about CS and me Naveen GK: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service. Naveen GK: Hi Yeung yeung y: Hello yeung ...
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Photo of hagos
Lightroom Mobile: Add Healing Brush on iPad Pro
As the Title says - The ability to heal photos while using Lightroom CC would be amazing. The iPad Pro is more powerful than many compute...
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Photo of Steve Kast
Global adjustments missing in Lightroom mobile
Is there not some simple way to copy settings of one photo to the rest of the album? No global controls? Something as simple as changing...
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