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Lightroom CC: Ability to add watermarks to images
I see nowhere to add watermarks to my photo's ...
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Lightroom: Renaming of file has no effect in Publish Service
I am running a trial of LR 3.4.1 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit version and have discovered a problem. If I rename a file that is in a ...
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How do I stop receiving notifications? Your link at the bottom of the page does not work.
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Lightroom CC: I am loving where you are going with CC. I just found the share function.
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Lightroom: Smarter smart folder in Published Service
I would love to see smarter Smart Folders in Published Services. Currently if you change the criteria in a Smart Folder in a Published S...
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Lightroom: Published Service settings set at Folder level not Published Service Level
Having the Published Service settings like Resolution and Watermark at the Published Service Level causes me to have to make thousands of...
  • Steve Harris, 3 years ago

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