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Lightroom 6: Rendering problem with saturated colors using Graphics Processor
Possible issue with use of graphics processor: rendering in Develop Module of wide-gamut colours in error, LR6, problem goes away when "U...
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LIGHTROOM shift-double-click to auto-set Highlights etc not working?
In Develop, Basic panel, Shift plus double-click of the slider name sets the "auto" value for that slider in LR5. In LR6 it works on Exp...
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LR5.2 RC export to specific pixel size sometimes gets size 1 pixel smaller than specified.
LR5.2 RC: Export to specific pixel size can get it 1 pixel too small. This has been discussed on the forum, not sure if it's been logged...
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Lightroom: Allow Selection of Fast (current) or Accurate Rendering in the Develop Module
Lightroom preferences should contain an option to enable the user to choose between "fast (but inaccurate)" and "accurate (but slower)" r...
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