Photo of David Rogers
Lightroom mobile: Allow changing default profile
I love the new profile support. It would be very nice to be able to change the default profile that Lightroom mobile uses. The adobe co...
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Photo of Ioannis Doukakis
Lightroom mobile: Ability to set a default preset per camera
When we first import RAW files in Lightroom Mobile (iOS) all settings are set to Zero.Lightroom Classic had a "Set default..." option whe...
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Photo of Aaron Ramirez
Lightroom CC: Selective Sync
I'm not a professional and have only used Lightroom for less than a year. I do love the redesign and I want to use it but I don't like th...
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Photo of Sebastian Matthews
Photoshop: Option to disable live preview of layer blending modes
The AdobeCare twitter informed me there is no such thing and to post it as a request here, so, here we are. With the Photoshop CC 2019 u...
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Photo of lilorea
Lightroom CC: Unable to transfer photos to new iPad due to full creative cloud sync
I bought a fancy new iPad with the main purpose of editing photos in Lightroom CC and the coming full Photoshop version.  https://feedbac...
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Photo of Kurtis Johnson
Lightroom: Would love to be able to sync edits across multiple similar photos
Is there any update on this? I know this has been discussed here before, but it seems its been a while. Trying to move some of my workflo...
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