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Lightroom: Ability to move/reorder panels in Lightroom in the order I use most
I would LOVE to be able to move the panels in Lightroom in the order I use them most!
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Photoshop: Is there a way to free up memory used by Photoshop?
When Im working with large files photoshop eats up my memory and even if I clear the history and close the file I do not get my memory ba...
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Photoshop: Enhance guides to allow angled guides
Why just horizontal or vertical guide lines? why don't you introduce angular guides or perhaps a function like the one in illustratore "m...
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Photo of John Fjeldsted
Lightroom: Remember last image selected in each folder
In Lightroom, please "remember" the currently select images in each folder as I move back and forth. This would be such a time saver!
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Lightroom: Multi-User / Multi Computer (Shared catalog on a network)
I'd love to make LR more multi-computer friendly. I have no doubt that there's probably database architecture issues and a host of other...
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Photo of lala lala
Photoshop: Ability to arrange & customize save-as file formats so popular formats are at the top
Photoshop supports about 20 formats, but I only use 4 or 5 of them. It's bugged me since 5.5 to have to fish for jpeg somewhere in the mi...
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Photoshop: New layer style: Cast Shadow
Layer styles are useful because of their parametric and their non-destructive natures. Smart Filters are useful, but require the creation...
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Lightroom: I'd like the ability to invert a mask
After spending lots of time creating a mask, I think it should be possible to create a mask out of the remaining area so that you can wor...
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Photo of FedericaP
Photoshop: Custom Guides (groupable, colorable, nameable guides)
Hi! I've been thinking this for quite a while, and I know most of the web designers out there have the same need... groupable, colorable,...
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Photo of Scott Mahn
Photoshop: Brush lag: What causes it?
PS CS5 12.04. Mac OS 10.6.7. MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz, 6 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT. Wacom Intuos 4 w/ latest driver. 30...
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Photo of Pete Roberts
Lightroom: Colour collections and collection sets to simplify navigation & cataloging
[Update: Color labels for folders were added in LR 7.4 --John Ellis] I find it difficult to navigate folders and collections in the LH p...
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Photo of pat d
Lightroom and Camera Raw: More Photoshop like clone/healing/content aware brushes
More Photoshop like clone/healing brushes in Lightroom! I love retouching in Photoshop, especially with the content aware fill with the...
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Photo of Photographe
Lightroom/Camera Raw: Display camera focus information
Nikon cameras stores the focus point that was in focus and the exposure was taken. This would be extremely valuable to see for a sports/...
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Photo of Rob Cole
Lightroom/Camera Raw: Focus mask / image sharpness
Like a topographical map, except instead of showing altitude, show sharpness/in-focus-ness.Would allow one to see at a glance where the f...
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Photo of google
Lightroom: Ability to lock photos. Please protect me from myself!
I'm a relatively newbie to Lightroom and I think it is fantastic. It does occur to me that pros who have been using Lightroom for a wh...
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Photo of David A Rogers
Lightroom: List view for Library
I would like to have the ability to show items in the Library as a list, rather like one might see in a spreadsheet program. Very small t...
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Photo of rory lutter
Photoshop: How do I create a saturation mask?
I'd like to perform an operation to perform "curves" effect on the saturation of image. Curves can already work on Red, Green, Blue, o...
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Photo of Reid
Lightroom: Relative Develop Presets would save the day!
Lightroom--I would love to see relative presets as opposed to only absolute presets. For example, I may want to add +10 of yellow in Tem...
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Photo of Scott Mahn
Photoshop: enable Patch Tool and Spot Healing in Current Layer & Bellow mode
I (and most retouchers I know) like to clone/heal on a blank layer. It would be great if the patch tool and content aware spot tool could...
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Photo of Kris Dick
Photoshop: Please let us change the Pen tool path size and color
Sometimes the whole "shades of grey" thing just doesn't cut it, and becomes very hard to follow.
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