Photo of Joshua Lombard
Lightroom Classic 7.4: Pano and HDR merge take forever and most of the time don't work
7.4 ruined pano and HDR.  It's killing my workflow and taking forever to finish editing photos that should have been finished days ago.  ...
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Photo of Per Jessen Schmidt
Lightroom Classic: Several collections empty after upgrade
I have a catalogue that after upgrading to the latest lightroom (Classic) have several collections which is now empty. A common thing is ...
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Photo of Jeremy Ruble
Lightroom Classic CC 7.3: Not saving new presets if they contain special characters
[Update: If you try to include some special characters in the name of a preset being created or imported via Import Presets, LR 7.3.1 sil...
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Photo of Tomas Baliukonis
Lightroom Classic: Not supporting live slideshow as int thethering
lightrooom classic CC is not supporting live slideshow as int thethering, prershot images shows up in slideshow but not new additional pi...
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Photo of Barry Headrick
Lightroom: Book module error adding a new page to existing book
In a book with 14 pages, I right-click on a page in multi-page view and select "Add Page".  The following pop-up error appears.  LR CC ve...
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