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Photoshop: Enable Stack Mode functionality in standard version
Not sure if this belongs in the Share an Idea tab, but it's more of a frustrated cry for help with a suggestion tacked on to the end, so ...
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Photoshop: Why doesn't Command/Control + z undo each history step?
Dear Adobe Gripes #14906, #14390, #4542, #1188, #2109, #14632, #15348 "If I hit Ctrl+Z twice, it means I want to undo two things, not ...
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Camera Raw: Invalid ICC profile after Grayscale conversion in ACR 7.3
Hi - Using CS6 (64bit) and converting an RGB image to Gray Gamma 2.2 in ACR 7.3 - when I then try to openthe converted tif image - I get ...
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ACR7.3: problem when resaving greyscale TIF files (invalid profile)
I appear to have found a bug in Bridge/ACR. When opening a greyscale tif file into ACR from Bridge, adjusting it and then resaving it, ag...
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