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Camera Raw/Lightroom: When will my Lens profile be available?
When will my Lens profile be available?
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Photoshop 19.1.6: Cloud Libraries broken since last update
Last update of Adobe photoshop introduced a bug with Cloud Libraries that makes them unusable. After a few searches the entire panel b...
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Lightroom CC - HEIC support on Windows
When specifically is Adobe going to accept HEIC files?  I am just a novice at this and I am frustrated.  Little did I know about the chan...
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Lightroom Classic: How do I organize presets?
I'm completely lost. After 7.3 update, organizing presets is really hard! Why folder structure in C:\Users\***\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Cam...
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Lightroom Classic: Support for HEIC file format (Windows)
Support for HEIC file format was included in Lightroom CC but still is needed in Lightroom Classic.  When will it be added? [HEIC suppor...
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Strange behavior for color picker with layer mask
Yesterday I noticed a strange behavior while using the color picker I only got white and black colors, not at all what I expected to see....
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Photoshop: Add custom colors for colour coding layers and groups
Wouldn't it be great to be able to use more colours than the 7 defaults for colour coding layers and groups? They're a great way (along w...
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Camera Raw/Lightroom Classic: Banding in previews
When I convert images to B&W, with some of the Adobe-supplied B&W profiles I see a lot of pixelated banding in the sky of standard previe...
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content aware after straightening
I am following the tutorials on site and am straightening an image and then enlarging crop.The tutorial states to check content aware box...
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