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Photo of Geoffrey Roth
Lightroom: Ability to sync Smart Collections/Albums (Lightroom CC / Mobile /
Collection synching / Lightroom Mobile is a great addition to Lightroom 5.4. Please extend this functionality to Smart Collections as well.
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Photo of Chris Packrat
Lightroom Classic: Improve control over reverse-geocoded Location metadata
LR 4.1rc2 under Windows 7 x64The reverse-geocoding function of LR4 is a great feature and a potential time-saver, yet it can lead to some...
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Photo of joe fry
Lightroom Classic CC: Sole mode for Profile Browser
The new profile browser is a gread addition; however, it is a major annoyance to have to either keep closing sections or scroll - a solo ...
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Photo of Dominic Brenton
Please add a field in the Library module for "alt text" displayed on web pages
I'm a great believer in managing data at source. It would be very useful to be able to describe an image for visually-impaired web users ...
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Photo of Dr. Wilfried Forschner
Lightroom Classic - Folder Panel Reverse Sort Order
I use the YYYY-MM-DD format for folders in import. Thatmeans, I get in the library module in the folder panel the first folder oft he...
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Photo of Jozsef Szasz-Fabian
Face recognition suggestion: consider the shoot date/time when suggesting faces
After recognizing the faces on photos, please consider the shoot date/time/location when suggesting names. For example, there are ~50 pho...
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Photo of Freddy Rozentzvaig
Lightroom: Floating panels/ other Adobe products
I love Lightroom. I use it every single day as I am a professional photographer. However, I can't understand for the life of me why Ado...
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Photo of Jon Cracroft
I would like to see Lightroom support a modular window design similar to Premiere.
I would like to see Lightroom support a modular window design similar to Premiere. For example, I'd like to be able to drag the folders s...
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Photo of Joop Snijder
Lightroom Classic: Better keyword management
How about some better support for keyword management. It's very basic now. I would like to do the following tasks:- Delete multiple keywo...
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Photo of David MacPherson
Lightroom mobile: Multiple catalog syncing
When can we expect to see lightroom mobile able to handle sync'ing multiple catalogs? As it is with the limitation to a single catalog i...
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Photo of MarcusT
Lightroom: Export images at multiple resolutions in one go
I have discovered through experimentation that photos published to Facebook look best at 2048 pixels on the longest side (the maximum it ...
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Photo of Roelof Moorlag
Lighroom Classic CC: Color label on missing folders
I like the new feature in Lightroom 7.4 to add a color label to folders. However, when a (color added) folder is missing there is no way ...
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Photo of Jeff Hirsch
Lightroom Classic 7.3: Custom Splash Screen still shows 2007-2014 Adobe Copyright
This is a small bug, but one that has persisted for the last several minor and major releases of Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC. L...
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Photo of Babar_e
Lightroom/Bridge/Elements: Find duplicate and similar images
I would be great to have a find similar image feature.Not only should it find image duplicates, but it should find image that are looking...
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Photo of Jeremy Caney
Lightroom CC: Warn that keywords won't be synched with Lightroom Classic
Keywords modified in Lightroom CC do not sync back to Lightroom Classic. This is a known limitation, and there don't appear to be pla...
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Photo of joshua barry
LIGHTROOM - Be able to filter, sort, and isolate images based on 'likes', 'comments', and individual users who are viewing the online gallery.
When syncing your Lightroom catalog please add a feature in the library module as well as in the mobile version of Lightroom (at least Ta...
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Photo of Konstantin
No warning before exporting files from smart previews
Please add a warning dialog, if one tries to export from smart preview files. I learnt the hard way, that Lightroom exports files no matt...
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Photo of Bodie Quirk
Lightroom mobile: Ability to create Collection Sets for Photo Workflow Perfection
Lightroom mobile is so amazing, but once I get all of my photos in there, I am going to need to have the ability to organize my Collectio...
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Photo of Dan Hartford
Lightroom: Map module keeps flashing "map offline" when it's not
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Photo of Hendrik M Halkow
Lightroom: Automatic image tagging
[Update: See this reply for a list of third-party plugins providing automatic image tagging:
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