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Olympus extended exif data
Hello,please, import the extended EXIF-Data for Olympus cameras ( and perhaps other manufacturer  too) so you will be able to recognize t...
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Lightroom: HDR/Panorama merge should automatically stack with original and move to top of the stack
Lightroom HDR merge should automatically stack with original photos and move the HDR dng file to top of the stack.At least, this should b...
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Lightroom: Color Luminance Masking
Incorporating color luminance into filters/brushes or vice/versa. The purpose would be for landscapes or real estate where you need to pu...
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Lightroom Classic: Publishing service to Facebook
Hello, I've got 2 questions related to the publishing service to facebook : How is it updated ? Only by a new version of Lr CC classic...
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Lightroom 6.7: Opening photos in Photoshop from Lightroom using Edit In does not work correctly for some operations
Using Lightroom CC2015.7 and Photoshop CC2015.5.1 1 )If Photoshop is CLOSED and then I "Open as Layers ....." the computer will just sit...
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Lightroom: Ability to see EXIF data
I would like to be able to see more, and probably all, of the EXIF data store by my camera. There are many reasons for this; I am sure...
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Export All Images In a Collapsed Stack
Hello,   when I try to export images which are grouped in a stack, Lr exports just exports the top image, but not all images contained wi...
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Lightroom: Stack result of HDR or panorama
In my opinion it makes sense, to save the result of the HDR or panorama module into a stack, when the source files were also organized in...
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