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Lightroom Classic: Add the possibility to disable full image preset preview
In the latest update, full image preview has been added when hovering presets. While this is fantastic and really useful most of the tim...
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Lightroom Classic 7.3: Touch Workspace appears broke (thumbnails missing)
Found this thread in the U2U forum, and can confirm it is not working for me either. The OP of that thread is using a Surface, while I'm ...
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Lightroom Classic 7.3 is now available.
We are happy to announce the release of Lightroom Classic CC 7.3. To update Lightroom Classic CC to 7.3, click "Update" in the Creative C...
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Lightroom Classic: Keyboard shortcut to make Target collection active in the filmstrip
Create a keyboard shortcut to make the current Target collection be what is displayed in the filmstrip so you don't have to go looking fo...
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Photo of B Fields
Lightroom Classic 7.3: Crash with new presets
After applying one of the new B/W presets, and then zooming in, the app crashes.  Re-opening and zooming agin on same image, usually no p...
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Lightroom Classic: No 1:1 view
With the latest LR CLassic CC update, every time I double click for 1:1 view, it goes into smaller picture instead. I have to click on th...
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