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Photo of Geoffrey Roth
Lightroom: Ability to sync Smart Collections/Albums (Lightroom CC / Mobile /
Collection synching / Lightroom Mobile is a great addition to Lightroom 5.4. Please extend this functionality to Smart Collections as well.
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Photo of Pete Roberts
Lightroom: Colour collections and collection sets to simplify navigation & cataloging
[Update: Color labels for folders were added in LR 7.4 --John Ellis] I find it difficult to navigate folders and collections in the LH p...
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Photo of Gary Rowe
Lightroom: Better auto stacking for bracketing,HDR, and panoramas
I currently shoot a lot of Bracketed shots for exposure blending, and with each shot having a different shutter speed the auto-stacking c...
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Photo of mrorange
Lightroom: Respect Hierarchical Folders of Presets
5 years ago, poster Sean Phillips first suggested this idea. Adobe has officially marked it as "implemented" - however, it is not impleme...
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Photo of BStock
Lightroom: Ability to delete the default develop presets
[You can now hide the built-in presets in LR 7.3 using a free plugin or manually with a multi-step recipe.  --John Ellis] It is now poss...
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Photo of Rob Cole
Lightroom: Tone Curve Enabled not copied by Sync, Auto Sync, Presets, Snapshots
[See this post for a precise recipe for reproducing the bug:
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Photo of Frank
Lightroom: don't re-import deleted photos with "New photos"
Hi, The incremental import using "New photos" is a great concept, however I find that it doesn't work as well as it could for me. Aft...
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Photo of epgo
Lightroom: Enable Zoom with Crop Tool
This may have already been suggested, but it would be nice if the zoom feature in Lightroom 4 could be enabled while using the crop tool ...
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Photo of roy ross
Lightroom: Provide a large preset preview when you hover over a preset
I have numerous presets. It is a hassle to not be able to see the image options in the main viewing window but just the minature naviga...
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Photo of Butch_M
Lightroom/Camera Raw: HSL controls for adjustment brush and gradient tools
The addition of HSL controls for the adjustment brush and the gradient tools would be a wonderful advancement and offer LR another great ...
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Photo of TK
Lightroom: Delete Images on Card after Import
I would love to get an option to let LR automatically delete images from the card after they have been successfully imported. Images on t...
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Photo of Kate Jordahl
Lightroom: Wish for a "cancel" button on "Back Up Catalog" box
If I had only one wish for the next Lightroom update, it would be a cancel button on the last dialog when you close a catalog. I like the...
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Photo of BenD
Lightroom: Multi-User / Multi Computer (Shared catalog on a network)
I'd love to make LR more multi-computer friendly. I have no doubt that there's probably database architecture issues and a host of other...
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Photo of Andrew Frix
Lightroom: Ability to export to PNG file format
The work flow of a png file is safer for image quality in the long run and is a more favorable file format then Jpeg. It would save a lot...
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Photo of Joop Snijder
Lightroom Classic: Better keyword management
How about some better support for keyword management. It's very basic now. I would like to do the following tasks:- Delete multiple keywo...
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Photo of Matthew O Brien
Lightroom: Provide ability to print metadata
Provide ability to print metadata. This is currently Allow templates to be created whereby metadata can be positioned anywhere on ...
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Photo of Charles Seton
Lightroom: Ability to search for Folder Names in Library Module
Julieanne Kost suggested that I post this feature request for Lightroom here. Search for Folder names in Library Module. You can searc...
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Photo of Photographe
Lightroom/Camera Raw: Display camera focus information
Nikon cameras stores the focus point that was in focus and the exposure was taken. This would be extremely valuable to see for a sports/...
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Photo of Jeff Kennedy
Lightroom/Camera Raw: Ability to invert negative scans to positives
I would dearly like to see the Lightroom 4 Beta team implement an additional feature in the final release. That feature would be the abil...
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Photo of Rob Cole
Lightroom/Camera Raw: Focus mask / image sharpness
Like a topographical map, except instead of showing altitude, show sharpness/in-focus-ness.Would allow one to see at a glance where the f...
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