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Photo of Charles Humphries
Lightroom: Desaturate Highlights and Shadows
In retouching there are many times when the highlights (or shadows) are contaminated by colours that should not be there. An example woul...
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Photo of jussi rovanperä
Lightroom: Ability to use 3D LUTs
I'd love to get the ability to use 3D LUTs in Lightroom, now that those can be created in Photoshop cc 2014.
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Photo of Jeff Kennedy
Lightroom/Camera Raw: Ability to invert negative scans to positives
I would dearly like to see the Lightroom 4 Beta team implement an additional feature in the final release. That feature would be the abil...
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Photo of Douglas Ansel
Lightroom: Enable the use of more than 2 monitors
Two monitors is nice for Lightroom, but I could really use a third screen for added screen-space while I'm working on my photos. I freque...
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Photo of Rob Cole
Lightroom/Camera Raw: Tone Curve As Local Adjustment
Just in case we don't get all adjustments local in Lr4, I'd like to toss in the idea of a local tone-curve adjustment. If you've never...
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Photo of John R. Ellis
Lightroom: Better handling of exporting and reimporting keyword synonyms
Currently, keyword synonyms get exported as top-level keywords; if the exported image is reimported into the catalog, those synonyms end ...
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Photo of Derek Hayes
Lightroom: Exporting with original file number needs to work better
Right now using the "Custom File Name - Original File Number" option when exporting photos only works if the file number is still at the ...
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Photo of SylvainG
Lightroom: Virtual copy using a new xmp file
It would be great if the virtual copy can also be stored in an other side amp file like for instance DSC09009.xmp for the master and DSC0...
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Photo of Photographe
Lightroom/Bridge: A way to export collections and virtual copies via xmp
Currently, the LR catalgue has the ability to export some but not all photo attribues via xmp (whether by sidecar or as part of a file). ...
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Photo of Photoshop FAQ
Why doesn't my version of Photoshop or Lightroom support my camera?
I just got a new camera and Photoshop and/or Lightroom does not recognize the raw files. What do I do?
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Photo of Photographe
Lightroom: I'd like the ability to invert a mask
After spending lots of time creating a mask, I think it should be possible to create a mask out of the remaining area so that you can wor...
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Photo of BStock
Lightroom: Ability to delete the default develop presets
I really would like to be able to delete the develop presets that ships with LR3. I don't use them as they are in the way of my own prese...
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Photo of Bryn Forbes
Lightroom: Before after comparison of metadata conflicts
It['d be great to be able to use the before after split screen mode to look at metadata conflicts visually. You could see which version o...
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Photo of Rob Cole
Lightroom SDK: Catalog maintenance functions.
Some plugins are crippled without the ability to delete photos from catalog. Also: - Ability to rename/move photos - Ability to d...
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Photo of Butch_M
Lightroom/Camera Raw: HSL controls for adjustment brush and gradient tools
The addition of HSL controls for the adjustment brush and the gradient tools would be a wonderful advancement and offer LR another great ...
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Photo of pat d
Lightroom and Camera Raw: More Photoshop like clone/healing/content aware brushes
More Photoshop like clone/healing brushes in Lightroom! I love retouching in Photoshop, especially with the content aware fill with the...
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Photo of RM
Lightroom: 5.3 - Still Not Exporting Sharpening Settings
Lightroom 5.3 is still not exporting sharpening settings despite the bug being listed as fixed in this release. Obvious and visible diffe...
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Photo of LarsS
Lightroom: How do I clean up duplicate images on my hard drive?
I have a lot of dubblicate pictures on the same hard disk and want to clean it up. My problem is that I don't know wich one is in the LR ...
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Photo of roy ross
Lightroom: Provide a large preset preview when you hover over a preset
I have numerous presets. It is a hassle to not be able to see the image options in the main viewing window but just the minature naviga...
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Photo of Peter Law
Lightroom: Allow for keyboard shortcut customization
Customizable keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom would be great. I just find it so confusing that crop and brush tools and things like that h...
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