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Photo of Robert Rissmiller
Lightroom CC: Ability to print
We really need a "convenient" way to print.  Some of us still like to create prints to hang on a wall.  While I know the printing is stil...
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Photo of Aaron Ramirez
Lightroom CC: Selective Sync
I'm not a professional and have only used Lightroom for less than a year. I do love the redesign and I want to use it but I don't like th...
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Photo of Martin Dörsch
Lightroom CC: Ability to create virtual copies
For better editing and comparison I think a "create a virtual copy" option would be very nice.
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Photo of Rikk Flohr
Lightroom mobile: Graphical or Image Based Watermarks on images
When outputting any image from Lightroom mobile directly to any service, the image needs to have, at minimum, a © NAME simple watermark p...
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Photo of Mike Creighton
Lightroom CC: Ability to bulk rename files
Lightroom CC - Renaming in bulk. This is another important feature from Lightroom which appears not to have made it (yet) to Lightroom CC...
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Photo of Alex Pardoe
Lightroom CC: "Trash" Functionality
It seems less than optimal for deletion of photos in Lightroom CC to permanently remove the photos from all locations, especially in the ...
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Photo of Antoine Hlmn
Lightroom Mobile: Loose target location when pinch zoom
When pinch zooming in a picture fast, LR looses the target location.
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Photo of Daniel Krieger
Lightroom CC: Additional options needed when exporting
I ask because when you export in Lightroom CC, called "save to," the only parameter you can adjust is the pixels. Nothing else that I can...
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Photo of Manasvi Sareen
Lightroom CC: Error in cloud sync dialog "Some Photos Invalid"
I saw this annoying red "!" exclamation mark on my Lightroom CC, which states, "Some Photos Invalid" There are two problems  1) Which...
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Photo of Dayve Ward
Lightroom mobile: Sync issues
I am able to create a collection in the desktop version and sync to my iPad version but if I make changes to the desktop version the orig...
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Photo of Geoffrey Roth
Lightroom: Ability to sync Smart Collections/Albums (Lightroom CC / Mobile /
Collection synching / Lightroom Mobile is a great addition to Lightroom 5.4. Please extend this functionality to Smart Collections as well.
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Photo of Denny Riffert
Lightroom mobile: Ability to sync adjustments to multiple photos at once
I think LRM is great and use it to cull and edit all of my photos. As I import into LR (desktop) from my memory card, I add the photos to...
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Photo of Jon F
Lightroom CC/Mobile: History Syncing
One thing I think the mobile and new LR CC are missing is the Develop History information. I think this is particularly important in this...
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Photo of Eric Gingras
Lightroom Classic and CC: Please support HEVC (H.265) video support
Support for this video format is needed.
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Photo of Meg Macintyre
Lightroom CC: Please add face recognition
I am disappointed that there is no facial recognition in Lightroom CC. I am a professional Photo Organizer and I was hoping it would be a...
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Photo of Jim Stewart
Lightroom Mobile: Support for keyword and metadata editing
I'd really, really like to be able to do keywording on my iPad in the LR mobile app. Could save me a lot of Google-time back at the deskt...
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Photo of Apfelkraut
Lightroom CC: Migration fails with non-informative error message
I am trying to migrate my catalog from Lightroom Classic CC to the new Lightroom CC and getting a non-helpful error message directly afte...
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Photo of jlucca
Lightroom CC: Ability to sort by custom user order
I would like to switch to the new Lightroom CC, but being able to sort images in my collections/albums by Custom/User Order like I can in...
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Photo of Peter Papoulakos
Lightroom Classic: Export makes pc slow
Exporting images makes pc almost unusable, in the past the exports were much slower but I could perform other tasks on my PC, sometimes s...
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Photo of Colton Fivash
Lightroom: Sync using other cloud providers such as iCloud
Add syncing between desktops. I upload my photos to my desktop but typically edit my photos on my surface pro. There is no easy way to mo...
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