Photo of Jared Cruce
Lightroom Classic: Import is slow after updating
Importing in LIghtroom is  Painfully slow in Classic.  After I upgraded to Classic I am seeing importing going from 2-3 minutes to 10-20 ...
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Photo of adventure_photo
Lightroom Classic 7.0.1: Importing Images Slow
Importing in Lightroom Classic CC has serious issues. It seems it may be related to large catalogs. Import is slow and only shows a few t...
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Photo of Bruce Houstoun
Lightroom Classic: Problem with previews during import for large volume/slower than LR CC2015.12
LR Classic CC 7.0 Windows 7 w/ATI Radeon 5700 no renaming or presets, minimal previews selected (1.8 Gb HD with 171 Gb free at the end of...
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Photo of Frenchfries
Lightroom: Library - Change default 'Sort Order' after import
Once a user has imported images via the 'Import dialog box' and returned to Library module, give the ability to change default 'Sort' o...
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Photo of Paul Grant
Lightroom Classic: Videos do not play or import macOS High Sierra
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Photo of Daniël Cronk
Lightroom Classic: Unable to Import Photos into new catalog without crash
Yesterday I "upgraded" to the Lightroom Classic CC version. I began trying to import some photos into my library and each and every time ...
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Photo of John R. Ellis
Lightroom Classic: Negative counts of photos in folders; deletion of photos has no effect
LR 7.3 / Macos 10.13.3 shows negative counts of photos in folders: The folder "test pics" contains almost all of the 311 photos in the...
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Photo of Joel Avery
Import issue / bug Lightroom 7.3 "no photos found"
First had a hint of this issue using the "synchronize folder" option and it said there weren't any new files. I was 70% sure there were n...
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Photo of Chris Harding
Lightroom Classic: 'unique constraint failed' error
I am running Lightroom CC on Windows 10. After a Windows 10 failure I have had to reload Lightroom, plus my catalog, photos etc.  Since ...
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Photo of WorldShooter
Lightroom Classic: Strange "VM" Volume in import dialog box
Just upgraded to the latest Lightroom Classic CC (7.1 Release). Noticed following in import dialog box: Both in the (lefthand) Source co...
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Photo of Jeff
Lightroom Classic 7.1: Import completely broken
Import (or folder sync) has become unusable. I have been using LR since 2.x and have never seen anything like this. LR takes hours for a ...
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