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Photoshop CS6 doesn't interpret Lenovo thouch-screen pen properly
I use a Lenovo Touch-screen (LEN L2461xwA) for Photoshop retouching etc., but since installation of CS6, i always just get the "hand-tool...
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Photoshop: Multiple Adobe Installations on ONE [Not 2] Computer For Extra User Accounts.
I've browsed and searched the forums for an answer to this scenario, but all I've found is people asking about the policy/license limit i...
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Photoshop/Photoshop Elements: Why is installation limited to 2 computers?
Photoshop limits how many computers i can use. I bought the program. I should own it. I am an artist and have many computers. They ar...
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Photoshop: CS6 Stuck Hand Tool on HP Touchsmart 610 (video driver bug)
Adobe CS4/5 worked fine, then my university upgraded to CS6 and my HP touchscreen now only gives me the hand tool when I try to paint. I ...
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