Photo of Melissa Rios
Camera Raw 9.12/DNG 9.12 are now available
We are happy to announce the release of Camera Raw 9.12 and DNG Converter 9.12! To update Camera Raw, either choose Help > Updates withi...
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Photo of Ken Rounds
Camera Raw/Lightroom: Image previews and thumbnails look tiled or broken on Windows
When using CR in either Photoshop or Lightroom the develop window sometimes displays several portions of the photo in random places when ...
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Photo of Raymond Denton
Camera Raw: Scrambled preview graphics glitch (Windows)
I get a graphics glitch when I use the adjustment brush, less frequently using global adjustments. The glitch occurs much more frequently...
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Photo of Raymond Denton
Camera Raw: Adjustment Brush cursor jumps around when adjusting the size of the brush with the right mouse button
When editing an .nef file in camera raw 7.3 using the adjustment brush, the cursor jumps around and behaves erradically whenever trying t...
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