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Lightroom: Colour coding folders and collections to simplify navigation & cataloging
I find it difficult to navigate folders and collections in the LH panel. To some extent this is because I (unwisely) chose to use similar...
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Lightroom: Ability to lock photos. Please protect me from myself!
I'm a relatively newbie to Lightroom and I think it is fantastic. It does occur to me that pros who have been using Lightroom for a wh...
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Lightroom: Simplifying Left Panel Navigation
I have lots of "nested" folders on each drive and lots of "nested" Collections. As I work the LH panel gets longer and longer....
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Lightroom: Ability to customize panel open/close UI (user interface)
There should be a way to eliminate the "panel area opening/closing"-triangles from the screen. They are useful for mouse users to open/cl...
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