Photo of Gunther Wegner
DNG Converter: Enable JPG conversion
Lightroom is capable to convert JPGs into DNG. The DNG Converter unfortunately currently is not. Please add JPG support to the Adobe DNG ...
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Photo of Pete Greene
Lightroom mobile: I would like to synchronize over LAN instead of internet
LR mobile sync is extremely slow. Giving me an option to sync locally would be excellent. And I'm sure very useful for professionals trav...
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Photo of Colin McDonald
Lightroom: Ability to batch process Photo Merge (HDR and panorama)
Now that we have HDR inside Lightroom, with virtually no user input, the next step is surely a batch facility for a folder full of bracke...
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Photo of Pete Greene
Lightroom mobile: Ability to sync existing folders/sub folders
I would like the ability to sync existing folders and sub folders to lighroom mobile. Say I want to review "March" photos and existing...
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Photo of Alexander Shalamov
Lightroom Mobile sync is too slow
Lightroom sync is too slow. I'm trying to use Lightroom Mobile for iPad and I started sync for collection that has ~8000 raw images from ...
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Photo of S T
Lightroom: Mobile: Custom Sort Order, Ratings and Keywords
To make Lightroom Mobile useful for Editing, Sequencing & Showcasing work - would like to see features such as - Custom Sort Order (User ...
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Photo of Pete Greene
Lightroom mobile: Survey mode with flag status
I would love to be able to use survey mode in LR mobile. Survey mode really helps compare photos side by side and quickly pick the best s...
  • Pete Greene, 5 years ago

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