Photo of rob.wheatley
Lightroom CC: Ability to see what Album a photo is in
Can you add in a way to see what album(s) a photo is in. You can do this with classic CC, but not the new cloud CC. I have LOADS of phot...
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Lightroom CC: Additional options needed when exporting
I ask because when you export in Lightroom CC, called "save to," the only parameter you can adjust is the pixels. Nothing else that I can...
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Photo of Jaroslav
Lightroom CC: Syncing stuck forever
Since I imported all my photos to the cloud with new Lightroom CC, there are 3 photos stuck in sync. Cloud icon still says it's syncing 3...
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Photo of paul webster
Lightroom mobile (Android): Photos don't appear following update
Since the latest update to the Android version (Feb 2018), no photos appear when I open the app. It still shows 400GB in the account, and...
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Photo of paul webster
Lightroom CC: Main photo detail view freezing
Occasionally in Lightroom CC (i.e. the new cloud one!) the main photo view - i.e. the large detailed one when you select a single image -...
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Photo of Melissa Rios
Lightroom CC 1.1 is now available
We are happy to announce the release of Lightroom CC 1.1. To update Lightroom CC to 1.1, click "Update" in the Creative Cloud desktop ap...
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Photo of Peter Abramson
In Lightroom CC, is there an alternate to SAVE TO such as 'SAVE AS' to save back to the source folder?
Saving edited files
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Photo of paul webster
Info panel - show which albums the photo belongs to
Missing feature - a small one but annoying to my workflow!  The photo info panel doesn't show which album(s) a photo belongs to - in fact...
  • paul webster, 12 months ago

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Photo of Carol Andres
Updates to LR CC - how and when?
I was very excited to learn about the new LR CC and having a cloud based solution that synced through all my devices. However, even if I’...
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