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Lightroom Classic: Add the possibility to disable full image preset preview
In the latest update, full image preview has been added when hovering presets. While this is fantastic and really useful most of the tim...
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Lightroom Classic: Develop Presets did not all convert to new format in 7.3
On the first start up the new LR 7.3 converted 3 folders of develop presets, but not the rest (I have them organized by where I got them)...
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Lightroom Classic: Catalog import freaks out Windows 10 because of recent items update
I exported a Lightroom Classic CC 7.1 catalog on my Mac, copied it over to a network share, copied it over to my Windows Desktop and impo...
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Photo of Nathan Johnson
Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 - Multiple issues with how .xmp develop presets are actually applied to image
In addition to the issues other users have mentioned with the conversion hangups and preset mis-ordering in CC 7.3, I'm finding that the ...
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Lightroom: Please let us make "destructive" changes to our images
I work on a library of 7K+ images across 220 directories/folders. When I make changes to an image I want the option to write those to the...
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Photo of Oliver
Problem: "Republish" and/or "Published" sections are gone
I notice that, starting about two weeks ago, the section titles "Published" and / or "Republish" (hope this translation from German is cl...
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Lightroom CC: How can I simply disconnect the cloud functionality. Don't want it, don't need it, didn't ask for it.
How can I simply disconnect the cloud functionality. Don't want it, don't need it, didn't ask for it.
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I do not like Lightroom CC!!!
I am looking at all these posts re Lightroom CC and I can't help wondering If any one from Adobe is looking at these posts. For many year...
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Another LR Classic CC slowness moan
Apart from the massively confusing new product naming (I needed to visit other photography websites to discover which version I need to u...
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Photo of Oliver
More information about synchronisation in Lightroom CC
I would be glad to have more information about the state of sychronisation: Which files are currently synchronised, what files are errono...
  • Oliver, 9 months ago

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