Photo of Paul
Lightroom 5 not syncing settings to all selected images
If I set an exposure value on one image, select all, then Sync..., choosing just exposure, sometimes 1-2 images in that set (of maybe 140...
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Photo of John Borys
Lightroom: Moving files, resulted in deleting the files
I am using Mac OSX and LR CC 2015. I have a workflow that involves importing thousand of raw photos and then sorting them. In order ...
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Photo of Oleksandr Petrenko
Lightroom CC: To slow for me to use
I've just tried to confirm one of my best hopes from Adobe and miserably failed. Yes, I've installed LRCC and realised that Lightroom C...
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Photo of Dietmar Mitterer Zublasing
Lightroom: Slow performance on Xeon CPUs
I noticed that LR clone and brush tool on my XEON E5-1650 0 3.20GHz (Attention: E5-1650 0 and not E5-1650 v4) can not stress my CPU and a...
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Photo of Glenn Bristol
Lightroom: Multiple image move operation bug
1. change to Library mode -> Grid view (press 'g') 2. select > 10 images 3. drag and drop images into any folder - notice the image t...
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