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Lightroom mobile: Ability to create virtual copies
For better editing and comparison I think a "create a virtual copy" option would be very nice.
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Tethering issues EOS-1Dx / C in Lightroom 2015.9
Lightroom has always provided robust tethering support for EOS cameras. The 2015.9 update appears to have broken this. In a couple of hou...
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Lightroom CC2015.9: Can't change size of film strip at bottom of window.
I'm unable to adjust the size of the film strip. Normally I could hover my mouse over the edge and change size. Now the mouse won't do th...
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Interface issues with Lightroom 2015.8
⌘ Tab normally clears all panels and repeating restores them. I am seeing regular issues where the Side panels are not restored, leaving ...
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