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Lightroom: MacBook Touch Bar support
When/will Adobe going to update Lightroom 6 to take advantage of the MacBook pro touch bar?  It has been a few months since Photoshop was...
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Lightroom: Add ability to have borders around pictures in the Book Module
In my Photobooks, I always add a thin border around my pictures. I'd like to have this option in the Book Module. The same options a...
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Lightroom CC doesn't work behind a corporate proxy??
Disclaimer: I don't expect to be a "Lightroom CC" convert, but I thought I'd have a look for kicks. So I installed it on my work Mac, whi...
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Lightroom mobile: Please add an Adjustment brush
The adjustment brush is missing from Lightroom mobile. For me this is an essential tool. When will it be available please?
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Lightroom CC 2015.7: Badge numbers in Grid view not visible on Sierra
Since updating to LR 2015.7 and Macs OS X Sierra, the badge numbers in the grid view are no longer visible no matter what view I choose (...
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