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Lightroom: Provide support for Linux
Lightroom for Linux - is it possible? Most my friends and I need it, because of not using Windows and current Linux tools can't get so gr...
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Lightroom 5.4: Can't set rating with number keys
In LR 5.4, Library Module, grid view: Pressing a number on the keyboard between 1 and 5 no longer sets the star rating. A popup messa...
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Lightroom Previews continuous generation
Can there be an option for Lightroom to continuously generate previews in the background. It seems clumsy once I have set up a catalogue,...
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Lightroom: using +/- rating
It would be great if I could use +/- keys on the numeric keypad (or the regular +/-) to change the rating. So instead of having to press ...
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Lightroom 5.3: Copy/Sync Develop Settings from Grid/Loupe view does not work until Develop module has been entered
I have just discovered that the Copy/Sync feature does not work from the Grid/Loupe view until the Develop module has been entered. I th...
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Elements: PSE 11 - Where did the "Reveal All" command go?
What happened to Image-Resize-Reveal All that's been in photoshop elements since version 1? pse 10 pse 11
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Lightroom: Can't Import video in LR 4.1
Lightroom 4.1RC 64bit won't import video. I tried different video formats. What's wrong?
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Premiere Elements 10: Blurry Disc Menu's
Premiere Elements 10: Under the Disc Menus section, when I pick a menu (in HD format) and then I click on preview, the menu always comes...
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LR4.1 video file import fails: "There is a problem with the video file"
When importing new video files to the LR4.1 (64-bit Windows 7) catalog, a few files fail to be imported with the following message: "The...
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Lightroom Preview Generation stalled by video import error
I've been seeing some errors when importing video files lately, but that I not exactly the problem I am reporting. The problem I am repo...
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