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Lightroom: Allow files to be deleted in a Collection
I don't understand why, but for some reason, there is no way to remove files from the catalog or delete them outright from within the Qui...
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Lightroom: Slow performance on Xeon CPUs
I noticed that LR clone and brush tool on my XEON E5-1650 0 3.20GHz (Attention: E5-1650 0 and not E5-1650 v4) can not stress my CPU and a...
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Lightroom 2015.6 Extremely Slow
I am not sure if this is the best place to post this but I am extremely frustrated! This version is extremely slower than the previous ...
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Lightroom UI - Flags icons - Not very clear / Improvement suggested.
The Flag icon keys in Lighroom are not very clearly designed. I work on a 26" monitor and always have a hard time telling which does wh...
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Lightroom: Make icons more intuitive
Icons for selecting flagged/unflagged/rejected images are hardly recognisable when selected. It is almost impossible to distinguish if se...
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photoshop express windows phone CROP is broken
Crop on WP photoshop is broken. Marquee is not aligned with what tool will crop. So one must guess how to position it to crop prperly.
  • Mihael Tominšek, 2 years ago

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Lightroom/Camera Raw: Red bleed in raw development for my camera
Relation of Adobe RAW process with new import dialog: 2003 = first process we had in Lightroom. It was OK because I did not know bette...
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Lightroom 6.3: Cannot import, preview or play video unless signed in to Creative Cloud
Since 6.3, if you're signed off from Creative Cloud: Import doesn't show preview for videos, and it breaks something internal to L...
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