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Lightroom web: Please support Stacks
Love the new Lightroom web functionality, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to support stacks. When I edit a photo in Photoshop I put the...
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A modern API that uses industry standards (oauth, rest, json) for Lightroom cloud
The current CreativeSDK for creating software that interacts with Lightroom cloud is a huge pain to use. I have been looking at it for th...
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Updates to LR CC - how and when?
I was very excited to learn about the new LR CC and having a cloud based solution that synced through all my devices. However, even if I’...
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Lightroom CC (cloud) Backup (backup that allows to restore deleted photos)
Currently, Adobe advertises the new Lightroom CC as backing up to the cloud. This is false, it syncs to the cloud, there is no backup. We...
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Lightroom CC (cloud) better workflow for using external editors
I really like the user interface and sync of the new Lightroom a lot. However, sometimes I want to use external editors for some of my ph...
  • Mia Iversen, 10 months ago

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