Photo of Rikk Flohr
Lightroom mobile: Graphical or Image Based Watermarks on images
When outputting any image from Lightroom mobile directly to any service, the image needs to have, at minimum, a © NAME simple watermark p...
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Photo of stanley Streicher
Lightroom: Support for importing Live Photos (iOS 9, iPhone 6s)
Just got iphone 6s. One new feature is "Live Photos" which while taking a still picture also takes a 3 sec movie. When imported into Ap...
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Photo of roy ross
Lightroom: Provide a large preset preview when you hover over a preset
I have numerous presets. It is a hassle to not be able to see the image options in the main viewing window but just the minature naviga...
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Photo of Aaron Biggs
Photoshop/Lightroom: HEIF support for iOS 11
Any plans to support the HEIF file format that iOS 11 uses natively?
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Photo of LRuserXY
Lightroom 4: Import dialog: Please extend clickable area of "All Photos" checkbox
When I want to import just a single or a few photo(s) of many in a folder, and click on the "All Photos" checkbox, I almost never keep in...
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Photo of Colink Technology
Lightroom Classic: Disable smart collection
Large or multiple smart collections can seriously impact performance. It would be useful to disable a smart collection or, even better, ...
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Photo of danorstmint
Lightroom Web: Sort by Custom Order (reverse)
On the browser based version of LR Mobile the Sort By Custom Order is missing the switch to reverse order.
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