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Lightroom/Camera Raw: Artifacts at Edges of Galaxy S7 raw/DNG Files
Artifacts at Edges of Galaxy S7 RAW DNG Files in Ps, Lr Classic and Lr Products Affected: Photoshop CC 2019 ACR, Lightroom CC Classic2019...
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Lightroom : Selected Published Folder or Collection is not deselected if a folder is selected
[Note from John R Ellis: This was reported fixed in 2015.8, but there have been numerous reports of the symptoms coming back since then: ...
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Lightroom Classic: Folder Favorite Setting Cannot Be Changed
After installing the latest release of Lightroom Classic 7.4 I'm unable to unmark my favorite folders.  In other words, folders...
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Lightroom: Read and write video metadata into video or sidecar
The new Video part is great! I really like the previews.It is a great addition to sort and tag your video's. Only one problem:The tagging...
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Lightroom: Touchscreen input not available for brush editing
in Lr 5.x i was able to use my 10-point touch screen to edit photos with brushes, by using my fingertips. i was able to do very accurate...
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Lightroom 7.3: When changing presets the profile resets back to Adobe standard, even if profile isn't checked within that preset
It has some terrible bugs in it. When changing presets the profile resets back to Adobe standard, even if profile isn't checked within th...
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Lightroom Quality Assurance dpt. Please tell us how it works.
Hi, As a former developer and software engineer, I do know that delivering a 100% bug free software is just a dream. However, when I see...
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Lightroom Classic 7.3: Keyboard Shortcut for Presets "New Group" not working.
Found New Group in the Develop-menu. Also accessible via Alt + Ctrl + N. But apparently this isn't working. Note: This conversation was...
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Lightroom: Ability to move Adjustment Brush Pins
One problem I have when not using a tripod is that the place where I have used an adjustment brush has moved a little bit in each success...
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Photo of Matt Fitt
Lightroom: Give "post-crop vignette" tool same options as graduated filters.
Many times I have wished that I could add a bit more "something" to my post-crop vignetting (PCV). For instance, I'd love to be able to ...
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Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and Premiere Elements 10 Announced
Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premiere Elements continue to deliver intelligent photo and video editing to the consumer market. ...
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