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Lightroom 6.2.1: Wacom Intous pen lag when pushing sliders
it ́s next to unusable.. i have installed the latest wacom drivers (WacomTablet_6.3.15-1.exe). there is, i would say, a 1-2 second lag...
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Lightroom CC Classic Smart collection Folder start with doesen't work anymore
I have Folder called Pictures where all the Pictures I made are stored, Pictures of other sources are store at a diffrent place, on the h...
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Lightroom 6/CC 2015: Shift-X & Shift-U no longer work
Hi, a useful time saver was to use Shift + X/U to quickly reject/accept photos and automatically move to the next. However since upgra...
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Lightroom: Wacom Tablet creates blobs when brushing softly
Wacom Bamboo Pen (Capture in the USA I blelieve) is not functioning properly with Lightroom. The problem occurs in Lr only (Photoshop, Ar...
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