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Photoshop: Better Preset Organization (sub-folders, tag, search)
I'd love a better way to organize brushes, shapes, and styles. Perhaps a way to tag them, then search or sort by tag.
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Photoshop: Adjustable grid size for the warp tool
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Photoshop: Extract Colors from Image to Swatches
It would be nice if there was a simple "Extract Colors" right-click or menu option. This could be further refined to work with a lasso/ma...
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Harvest Colors From Image into Palette :: For Digital Painters
Painter has a nice feature for digital painters, where you can harvest colors from an image as swatches into a palette. You can choose ho...
  • Linda King, 5 years ago

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Feature Request: Ability to use modifiers for tool Keyboard Shortcuts
Would the PS Team consider giving users more options in assigning Keyboard Shortcuts to Tools? All we can use right now are the letters o...
  • Linda King, 7 years ago

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