Photo of Rocky Bomgaars
Photoshop: Free Transform - ability to set Maintain Aspect Ratio as default
In Photoshop, it would be nice when "free transforming" a layer that the "maintain aspect ratio" lock button would maintain the previous ...
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Photo of Julia Muscarella
Photoshop: Can't drag files into CS6
Why can't I drag files into Photoshop cs6 like I used to be able to do in previous versions? I used to be able drag files from their fol...
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Photo of Vicky Hou
Photoshop: Why don't I have any pen-pressure?
The first time I opened it after install completely, it had a little pen-pressure. However, the second time I open it, the pressure gone....
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Photo of Gra
Photoshop: How do I install and use the extra 3D materials found on aka "Get more 3D content"
I'm using PS CS6 on Win7, 64bit. I saw the materials package in the shop and tried to open it to have a look but it says windows can'...
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Photo of Ben C
Photoshop: How to find the center of a circle?
I drew a circle but having hard time locate the exact center of it. Any idea? thanks
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Photo of mike
Update for Photoshop CC Fails using Creative Cloud on Windows 10 (U44M1P34)
 "There was an error installing this update. Please try again later or contact customer support.(U44M1P34)" trying again makes no differ...
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Photo of Brent Hales
Photoshop: Pen tool draws a bezier handle instead of anchor point when quickly drawing two anchors close to each other.
When I'm drawing with the pen tool, If I'm putting down points quickly and the points are close together, then instead of putting down an...
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Photo of Justin Coolidge
PHOTOSHOP - Export 'layers to files' gives "Error:Specified value greater than maximum allowed value"
EVERY TIME I attempt to Export > 'Layers to files', choose jpg on an imported Animated Gif, I ALWAYS get the following error "Error:Speci...
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