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Lightroom mobile (android): Choose which folders to Auto Add new photos
When using the Auto Add new photos feature now Lightroom Mobile searches in every folder in the device. I'd like to choose which folder t...
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Lightroom Classic 7.3: Post-Crop Vignette doesn't work with Modern 03 profile
When you have the Modern 03 Creative Profile applied, the Post-Crop Vignetting doesn't work - you can move the sliders but it doesn't app...
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Lightroom mobile/Express: Exported files are renamed, instead of using original file name
I am using LR CC (v3.4) and PS Express (4.0.456) on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, running Android 7.Is it normal for these two apps to not k...
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Lightroom Classic: About 1 in 10 photos from Lr Mobile fails to properly sync
About 1 in 10 of the DNGs from Lr Mobile fails to sync into Classic like this: Hovering the exclamation mark gives a tooltip: "Lightro...
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Lightroom Mobile: Library Sync and Exporting Options
Library Sync instead of manually adding photos into the app. As well as exporting options. Ability to export as a new copy OR save it ove...
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Lightroom Mobile: Choose folders for auto add feature
When I turn on auto add function on Lightroom CC mobile in order to automatically upload photos taken with mobile, it also uploads junk f...
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